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Am I the reason you breath, or am I the reason you cry?

I remember when I first heard this song. It was a few years ago in Cyprus. We were spending the day in the room cause we'd been/were going to be on trips all week. There was nothing on tv (not even Pokemon in greek like the year's before), so I put on the radio and tuned into the nearby military bases radio. Cyprus has a lot of military bases to keep the peace, that and it's strategic positition in the Med. Anyway, I remember hearing it a few times that day and loving it, but not being able to find it when I came back here. I sung it for a few weeks after hearing it though.

Yay for downloading!

Back then was so simple. There was just the warm sun, all the free Pepsi I could drink in the hotel and cheap, knock off cds. And everyone was as they were, not as they are.

I've started on one of the fics I listed last night. It's kinda sad. When I first had the idea, it reminded me of Bitemarks And Bloodstains, but it's different enough for no one to make the link (well, now that I've said it people will... d'oh). I'm on the second paage f it and it might get done tonight. I was planning on doing one of the ones I'd already started, but oh well.

Jepha's condemned himself to always be in drag.

I have to go for food, but I'll be back soon. Or back on Rabbids, depends on inspiration.

Edit: Added a few more ideas.
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