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I could build two of these things!

My wrists are still really tired from Rabbids and yet I still want to go on. Damn game.

My brain's bigger then it was according to Brain Academy. First time I went on it was 997g, now it's 1308g.

Not to whoever makes the Doctor Who figs: please stop putting the Doctor in the multipacks you do (especially cause in at least one you put in 10 and not 9), everyone has the Doctor, so make a new one damnit. Still, I'm getting the new pack on Monday for Human!Dalek Sec, Dalek Thay and the pig dude.

It's cute that David Tennant's doing the Argos ad. < 3

I've done a comp to be Madina's PA. *hopes I win*

Ok, it's time to look over the poll results now.

First of, there's three specific things I wanna comment on.

1: About 30 people voted in this thing, yet less then that comment on fics. This is strange to me and slightly disconcerting
2: 4 people voted for Femmeslash. I didn't think anyone would (ok, that's a lie, I knew one person would), so specifics anyone? There's no guarantee I'd do any (I may give it a shot, but I'd need a general direction)
3: 18 voted for role-play, which is a lot. Trouble is I had nothing specific in mind, so anything you'd like to see in that area tell me please

Now, onto what this poll has actually influenced and meant. It served three general purposes: To find out what fandoms I people wanted me to write, find out which pairings were liked and to find out what kinks/genres were liked.

It served it's purposes well and it surprised me a bit. Surprised me cause my f-list is a bunch of perverts:p Which is a good thing.

Generally, things with the highest votes have influenced me. However, I also note that things with less votes need to be done too. I'm not influenced just by a majority, cause I know that the minority needs to be rememebred and not ignored entirely.

So, since last night I've been joting down ideas from the votes, along with some ideas I've had before but have decided to go with more due to seeing how the voting's gone.

Seed got wrote cause I saw m-preg and Bob/drumstick got a fair share of the vote at the time (as well as being inspired of course). I'm unsure of a sequel but I won't rule it out.

First though, is the list of fics I already have started/got to do. In [] is a basic plot of it, in () is the fandoms. The multiparts don't have [] cause they won't be done for awhile. for ease, some fandoms have ben shortened.

Multi-part fics, all of which are on hold until after the move. This is cause I don't wanna get too involved with it and then have to stop. These'll all get done once I'm settled.

Hungry Eyes: Ray Toro/Bob Bryar (MCR)
Insomniatic Meat
My Body Is Your Body: Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith (P!ATD)
Obsession: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken, Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, others (MCR, The Used, others)
Pandora: Patrick Stump/Matthew Leone, Matthew Leone/Sean Smith, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone (FOB, Madina Lake, The Blackout)
The Time Of Our Lives: Mikey Way/Ray Toro/Gerard Way/Frankie Iero/Bob Bryar (MCR)
What To Do With The Dead: Mikey/Ryan, Mikey/Ian (MCR, P!ATD, Lostprophets)

Standalones to complete. These have been started (or I've had ideas for them noted down) before the poll. A lot of them could be considered close to finishing, yet I've had block for them at times.

Dead!: Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith [Zombie porn] (MCR, P!ATD)
Enter Shikari: Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith [Spencer likes to hunt small animals] (P!ATD)
Guys Like Us In Prison: Bob Bryar/Oli Sykes [Prison rape] (MCR, BMTH)
Mama: Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Omar Abidi [The one with the male lactation] (MCR, Fightstar)
Markers: Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Mikey likes to draw on Gerard] (MCR)
Today We Learn About Oral: Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin [Ian teaches Ilan about blowjobs] (MCR)
Bob/Sawa [Bob gets kidnaped, sex ensues] (MCR, Suicide Girls)
Gerard Way/Kazuo Kiriyama [Gore, death, no specifics] (MCR, Battle Royale)
Jared Leto/Travis Barker [Smut, no specifics] (30 Seconds To Mars, +44)
Matthew Leone/Jeff Angel [Smut, Jeff's a whore and Matthew ends up in the wrong time] (Madina Lake, Hotel Dusk)
Mikey Way/girl!Mikey [Smut] (MCR)
Frankie Iero/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas [Smut] (MCR, Good Charlotte)

Also there's three other fics I've left to do once everything's settled:
Ray Toro/Bob Bryar, Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Star Warsverse, post-ROTS] (Star Wars, MCR)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Gerard Way/others, Ray Toro/Bob Bryar [Surgery fic, castration] (MCR, others)
Mikey Way/Ray Toro/Gerard Way/Frankie Iero/Bob Bryar/Dougie Poynter [Ritual sacrifice] (MCR, Mcfly)

New standalones that the poll's influenced me into doing.

Anakin Skywalker/Kit Fisto [Unsure yet] (Star Wars)
Bert Mccracken/Gerard Way [Rape] (The Used, MCR)
Bert Mccracken/Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Rape] (MCR, The Used)
Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard [Jepha's in drag, sex ensues] (The Used)
Bert Mccracken/Jepha Howard [Mikey sells Jepha Bert's body] (The Used, MCR)
Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman [Dan's initiation...] (The Used)
Bert Mccracken/Pete Wentz [BDSM, sex clubs] (The Used, FOB)
Bert Mccracken/Sean Smith [Rape] (The Used, The Blackout)
Bob Bryar/drumstick(s) [Similar to Alone Time, but different) (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [Smut, watersports] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [Bob!angst] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [Bondage, sex toys] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Torture, evil!Bob] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Jepha Howard [Jepha's a she-male] (The Used, MCR)
Bob Bryar/Jepha Howard [Smut, drag queen Jepha] (The Used, MCR)
Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump [BDSM] (MCR, FOB)
Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump [Furries] (MCR, FOB)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro {Possible Bob Bryar/Gerard Way} [Angst on Ray's part] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro [Fluffyness] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro [BDSM] (MCR)
Bob Bryar/Ray Toro/Patrick Stump [Threesome porn] (MCR, FOB)
Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump [Cause I did the pairing with no smut so...] (MCR, FOB)
Bob Bryar/The Used [Orgy, with maybe Gerard joining too] (MCR, The Used)
Chester Bennington/Tomo Milicevic [Bloodplay] (30 Seconds To Mars, Linkin Park)
Dalek Sec/Jack Harkness [I got this idea awhile back so..] (Doctor Who/Torchwood)
Dan Whitesides/Undecided [Smut?] (The Used)
Dom!Mikey/Bob Bryar/Gerard Way [BDSM] (MCR, The Used)
Dom!Mikey Way/Pete Wentz [Smut] (FOB, MCR)
Dom!Mikey/undecided slaves {Perhaps Gerard, Pete or Ian} [BDSM, I blame so many people voting Dom!Mikey] (MCR, others unknown yet)
Dom!Mikey/Hermaphrodite Gerard [BDSM, smut] (MCR)
Dougie Poynter/Jazzie Poynter [Unsure, probably the last time I'll do this pairing] (Mcfly)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Ponyplay] (MCR)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way [Smut, BDSM] (MCR)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone [The brothers bond over their brotherly love] (Madina Lake, MCR)
Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Pete Wentz [Smut] (MCR, FOB)
Gerard Way/Ray Toro [Purging] (MCR)
Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin/Matt Tuck [Smut] (Lostprophets, BFMV)
Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin/Matt Tuck [Smut, BDSM, kinky Ilan] (Lostprophets, BFMV)
Ian Watkins/Mikey Way/Gerard Way [No specifics] (MCR, Lostprophets)
Ian Watkins/Sean Smith [No specifics] (Lostprophets, The Blackout)
Ian Watkins/Sean Smith [Angst] (Lostprophets, The Blackout)
Jack Harkness/10, Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones [Angst, possible mentions of torture] (Doctor Who, Torchwood)
Jepha Howard/Patrick Stump [Smut, BDSM] (The Used, FOB)
Jepha Howard/William Beckett [Crossdressing] (The Used, TAI...)
Jepha Howard/Zacky Vengeance [BDSM] (A7X, The Used)
Jon Walker/Spencer Smith/Brendon Urie/Ryan Ross [Smut, hoe!Spencer] (P!ATD)
Link/Ralis [Ralis is good at giving head..] (Zelda)
Matt Bellamy/Shannon Leto [Unknown yet] (Muse, 30 Seconds To Mars)
Matt Tuck/Undecided [Scat] (BFMV)
Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Sean Smith [Threesome] (Madina Lake, The Blackout)
Moose/wiL Francis [Undecided] (Aiden, BFMV)
Oli Sykes/others [Gang rape] (BMTH, others most likely BFMV, Fightstar, Lostprophets)
Oli Sykes/Curtis Ward [BDSM] (BMTH)
Oli Sykes/Tom Sykes [BDSM] (BMTH)
Padge/undecided [Drunken sex] (BFMV)
Pete Wentz/Hemmingway, Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump [Cause so many people voted for Bestiality (which surprised me) plus it's obvious] (FOB)
Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump [Where Patrick's a hermaphrodite, but Pete doesn't care] (FOB)
Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump [Vamps, smut] (FOB)
Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump [Torture] (FOB)
Ray Toro/Mikey Way [Smut, BDSM] (MCR)
Ray Toro/Patrick Stump [Fluff] (MCR, FOB)
Ryan Ross/tentacles [once art's been done] (P!ATD)
Sawa/girl!Mikey Way [Smut, femmeslash] (MCR, Suicide Girls)
Spencer Smith/Patrick Stump [Unsure of specifics] (P!ATD, FOB)
Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross [Spencer!angst] (P!ATD)
Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross [Smut] (P!ATD)
Tomo Milicevic/Undecided [Furries] (30 Seconds To Mars)
wiL Francis/Bert Mccracken [Smut, no specifics] (Aiden, The Used)
William Beckett/Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith [No specifics] (P!ATD, TAI...)
William Beckett/Undecided [Necro] (TAI...)
Zack Hall/Spencer Smith, Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith [Bondage] (P!ATD)
Zack Hall/Spencer Smith [Undecided] (P!ATD)
Zack Hall/Brendon Urie [Undecided] (P!ATD)
Zombie!Gerard/Undecided [Smut, gore] (MCR)

I'll probably come up with a few more (like more TAI... stuff, an m-preg, more tentacles, watersports etc), but these are the ideas I have for now. Any specific you like, the sound of, let me know.

Edit: Striked out stuff=complete

Standalones done so far: 4/72
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