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Tis the future you see

I'm gonna do the poll thing tomorrow methinks. I think some people haven't voted yet so poking must be done.

Talking to antontobias86 about the future amuses me. So here's a list of things that'll have happened by 2012:
*Blink 182 will be back together, but only after Tom's ego was strangled to death
*Dean'll be replaced as Good Charlotte's drummer. Three times.
*Bob's solo album will be released and become number 1 everywhere. Bob'll use the money to create a clone of Gerard
*Ryan'll come out, but only cause of Pete's sidekick being hacked again (so the world see's Ryan being spitroast and various other porn)
*Mcfly'll be naked constantly as they'll have given up clothes. They'll also be on their 10th charity single
*They'll be 2000+ new Pokemon and 17 new films
*Mikey'll be back, but no one will remember who he is
*Everyone will have R2 units
*We'll finally have a colony on the moon, complete with a whaling tune
*Ray will have his own zipcode, Omar will have his own postcode
*The British Empire'll be back
*They'll be a PS5 which'll cost £2000
*Religion will finally have lost it's influence
*Ryan'll have a closet of rosevest's so he won't lose them again
*Pete will have been in prison
*They'll be music videos of band orgies, the first will be Panic!'s. The Used, FOB, MCR, 30 Seconds, Bullet and Mcfly will follow
*Rayman Raving Rabbids 8 will be released, due to popular demand
*A Zelda game will be released where Link does it with a guy
*William will have half a sex change
*The war will finally be over
*Son Of Dork will still be on their second album
*Gay marriage will become legal everywhere, Bob marries clone!Gerard
*Ryan visits Japan and is convinced to do Hentai porn
*They'll be a Doctor Who episode where Captain Jack snogs the Doctor, then they have sex in the TARDIS
*I'll have 1000 unicorns
*Polygamy becomes legal and Bob marries another clone!Gerard
*Padge's hair will still be the same
*Bob gives Bert a clone of Gerard on the condition he stops causing trouble for MCR. He finally does
*We'll have contact with aliens
*Oli'll be in prison
*Reisdent Evil 7 will be released
*The Star Wars tv show will still be going
*The X-Files Movie will finally be released
*Brendon will finally crash from his sugar high
*Pepsi will be available through taps
*The Simpsons will still be on, on it's 24th season
*The Madden twins will both have decent haircuts at the same time
*James tries to get Busted back together, but Charlie has the common sense to say no
*Shannon reveals how he looks so young, but no one listens as he's topless
*Jay always wears a collar as he's the band's slave, Spencer follows suit
*Pete's sidekick gets hacked a third time
*Jepha becomes a drag queen
*A Sean and Ian sex tape gets leaked. It's soon seen by more people then Paris Hilton's

That's all I could really think of, feel free to comment with your own.
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