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Friday five's

At some point after midnight I'll look over poll and post about it. Till then...

Rabbids has killed my wrists. Meep

1. How much of your (real) life time have you dedicated to My Chem?
I've planned days around MCR related things. I went out specifically to get The Black Parade and went LOTMS when they came out.Also, Give It A name's two/three days I spoent going there (and the day before MCR) as well as getting to and back from the Underworld gig. There's all that plus listening to he album's randomly and writing MCR fics so... yeah it can be a lotta time.

2. Are any of your closest friends into My Chem? If not, do they at least respect you and the band?
Pretty much all. Most of the people I've met and come to know are in the MCR fandom, or have gotten into it.

3. Have you ever been singled out/mocked/prejudged for being a My Chem fan?
I dunno. I don't generally listen to people when I'm out and about.

4. Frank once said, "It's [our fandom] like a community now, where kids are finding people just like them, and that's what the message is." Do you feel that his observation is correct?
Sorta, it's given a lot of people a way to connect with others like them, which is always a good thing. Trouble is it seems uneven as there's less guys then girls.

5. What is your take on Elitism and My Chem, and how do you, personally, handle it?
I think there is an elitism in a sense. People who are newer fans are often marginalised as late comers. I think places like fuckyou_mcr are also breeding grounds for unnecessary bitchiness. I can handle it pretty badly, if it's aimed at me.

And from friday5_bandom

1. Is there a logical explanation for Pete's outfit in this picture? If so, what is it?!
It's Pete, hehas no logic. Though it is kinda hot.

2. Who is a prettier princess: Pete or Brendon?
Pete < 3 He looks so adorable

3. Who does half-naked better: P!atD (Brendon, Ryan) or TAI (Beckett, the Butcher)?
*whines* Can't Ryan and beckett be in the same band? I can't decide which is hotter.

4. For the next album, will Panic! still be rocking the gay victorian school boy look? If so, approximately how many inches of Ryan's vest will not be covered in rosettes? (from dracopet)
I think so. I loved Ryna's rosevest, I hope he'll get a replacement

5. What are your favorite vocal moments from Infinity On High, The Black Parade, and A Fever You Can't Sweat Out? (from dracopet)
That's too hard, too hard for me to answer so... nyeh

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