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Who do I have to kill to make it stop?

Today has not been a good day.

Something (possibly two something's) came in the mail today: at 7:15. Bastard postman. I heard fuck all, so I've got it/them to be redelivered Monday.

Then there's been drilling downstairs (right under my room) and worse drilling outside by workman. So I've been woke up early AGAIN, couldn't sleep/wake/concentrate, so I just lay there for hours until it stopped. Can I not be woke up tomorrow please?

Cause of that, mum's not been over today.

I went on Rabbids tomorrow and it's a bit harder then the PS2 version. The main reason that is is that it absolutely tires my wrists out moving the Wii remote up and down, up and down. Especially when you have to do the same game over and over cause it's tricky (read as the one with the exploding present and the one with the carrot juice). It makes me wonder, though, how we survived on just regular controls for so long. I still don't get what the PS3/X-box hopes to achieve just by being the same. Nintendo's gone and done something completely different and unique and what have they done? Stayed the same.

That, coupled with the price, is why the PS3 never sold out, but the Wii did within a week.

Anyone that hasn't fill in poll please I'm gonna be looking at it later on and using it to decide what to do.

I might watch a ddv later, after being on Rabbids a bit.

Anyone know where I can find caps of the last FOB vid?

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