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Pairing: Gerard/Ray/Bob
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: Mpreg
Warnings: M-preg, smut
Notes: This is the fic I mentioned earlier, the one I had a daydream about. The title's from The Academy Is... song.
Dedications: bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31. Also thanks to azrielen cause I'm fairly sure a pic she did inspired this (and when I realised I added parts of it in)

To the outsiders point of view, Gerard Way had just gained a few pounds. Perhaps people thought he'd ate too many twinkies or something. Even we thought at first that his increased weight was just caused by the copious amounts of cum he consumed. It wasn't until he started waking us up with the sounds of him throwing up that we realised something was a bit wrong. If it was anyone else I would have assumed that it was the result of a hangover, but he'd been off booze for over two years now.

On the third day Mikey decided enough was enough and he dragged his older brother to the nearest hospital. Of course, we all went with him because we were all concerned for his health. That and we wanted to try to steal nurse's uniforms, which we failed in doing. Gerard was prodded, scanned, x-rayed and prodded some more before the doctor's finally came up with an answer for his sickness. The good news was that he wasn't sick. The bad news was that he was, of all things, pregnant.

Gerard Way was pregnant.

Naturally he demanded to see the tests and told them they were all idiots. Of course, when he was shown the results his mind soon changed and he started to ask them what he should do. They didn't want to abort as they had no idea what that would mean. Instead they told him to carry the baby to term and they'd document it. He told them they could if only his name was left off it, he didn't want to be forever known as the world's first pregnant man.

That was two months ago and he was now four months into the pregnancy. His belly was rounded and he had a pair of perky tits on his formerly masculine body. Mikey tied him in a corset every night before we went on stage so that no one outisde the band was any the wiser. Thankfully, last night was the final date of the tour and we were officially on a break for the next few months. To the fans it was for us to work on the next album, but it was also a way for Gerard to expand without anyone noticing.

We still were unsure who the father was though. During the month of the baby's apparent conception he slept with twenty guys, not including us, Brain and Worm of course. There was no way to tell who it was until he 'gave birth', but we hoped it was one of us. Mikey seemed certain that he was the father, so he took charge and started to take better care of his brother. He made him cut down smoking and stopped him having sex with boys outside of us. That last one was for his own good as he would most likely freak anyone else out. Once he entered the forth month Mikey went as far as to ban him from sex all together. That was quite possibly the worst thing Mikey had ever done as Gerard had become even more cranky this past week.

Now, though, I was alone with Ray, watching him as he undressed. We still had this hotel room until tomorrow and we were planning on making the most of it. Ray could be loosely be called my boyfriend, but a more accurate description would be fuck buddy. Every so often we'd get together and fuck, with him normally being the top. Sometimes, he'd spread his thick thighs and ask me to be inside him, but that wasn't often.

I was already naked on the bed, steadily jacking off my cock and pushing one of my drumsticks up my ass. Even though we had access to dildos, vibrators and butt plugs, he still loved to watch me push my sticks inside me instead. Maybe it was because I used them on stage and always carried a pair in my back pocket.

I gazed over Ray's body as he threw his t-shirt away. He had such a beautiful body and his arms were so toned from playing guitar. He was now wearing only a pair of boxers, which were bulging with his hard length and stained by a smear of precum. I spread my legs wider, pushing the wood of my drumstick deeper inside me to show him how much I needed him inside of me.

Smirking, he pushed his dark blue boxers down his legs, freeing his large erection from the confining material. Soon he'd be on the bed, pulling the drumstick from my hole and replacing it with his substantial cock. His fingers would take over from my own on my length and his thick lips would cover mine. His tongue would dance around mine as he'd plough my ass and we'd do our best to make sure we both came.

However, before he'd even took a step towards the bed we were interrupted. "Can I join in?"

Gerard was completely naked, so his round belly, small tits and engorged dick were all on display for us. He was as gorgeous as he ever was, despite his body going crazy on him and it would be very hard for us to say no to him. Of course, he knew this and clearly intended to distract us from saying no. Two of his fingers were buried inside the curve of his ass and his other hand trailed over his chest. "Come on guys, pleaseee?" He purposely thrusted his fingers when Ray opened his mouth, causing a low groan to come from Gerard's throat.

I gulped at the sound, incredibly aroused, but I somehow managed to speak. "What do you want exactly Gerard?"

"I want to be spit roasted." He nodded as he spoke, thrusting his fingers again. "I want you inside my ass Bobby and I want Ray's rock hard cock buried down my throat. I need it, I crave it and I know you too can provide it." He locked his hazel eyes with Ray's and licked his lips seductively. "After all, you're both so manly you should have your way with a slut like me rather then fuck each other." He fell to his knees and started to slowly crawl towards us, his fingers still thrusting inside his hole as he moved. Gods, even with breasts he could still pull this off. "You know you want to." He wiggled his ass as he moved, which made his chest sway from side to side too. His eyes were wide and clouded with lust from his intense need for sex, which made him even more irresistable. "Please?"

I was about to open my mouth and give him the answer he needed, but Ray was already a few steps ahead of me. He was already in front of Gerard's head, his fingers curled into his hair as he pushed his lips onto his cock. Not that he needed much encouragement to give anyone head. I pulled the drumstick from my entrance slowly, tossing it aside before moving off the bed and crossing the distance from it to Gerard's perfect ass. His fingers were still wiggling inside himself, which only served to make my dick twitch more in arousal. I gripped onto his wrist and slowly pulled his hand back, making his fingers withdraw from his asshole. Once I released his hand, he tried to insert his digits back between his cheeks, so I slapped his ass lightly. "Be a good little slut and fondle Ray's full balls." He nodded around Ray's length and did as he was told, freeing me to nudge his asscheeks with my head. His hole was a familiar and easy target to find. I remembered the first time I'd pushed myself inside him, when Gerard was drunk as fuck and couldn't tell what was going on. It had been Bert's idea and I'd just went along with it.

The second time was after my first day with the band as their drummer. They called it my 'initiation', which meant I had to fuck Gerard's ass until I was close to shooting my load, then pulling out and shooting over his face. The over guys had been watching and jacking off at the sight and when they came they stepped forward so it shoot over his face too. I then had to lick his face clean, which was now covered in thick globs of our mixed loads but I didn't mind. I liked the taste and licked every drop, from his gagged lips to his soft eyebrows to his smooth forehead. By the time I'd finished his face was covered with my saliva instead of the band's cum. The last part of my initiation was to give Gerard head and that was my first and only time of doing so. I remembered he tasted strangely sweet and I was never sure why.

I'd heard Ray mentioned that they'd done a different kind of ritual when they decided to get rid of Matt, but he wasn't specific on details.

I let out a low groan as I pushed myself inside his heat and I was amazed as always by his tightness. I had no idea how he kept himself so tight after being fucked by as many guys as he has, but he certainly never felt like the slut he was. I felt Ray's lips brush against mine as I thrust fully inside Gerard. He squeezed around my length and I watched as Ray's other hand was reaching under him. It was surprisingly arousing to watch his large hand grope at Gerard's soft tits. It made me want to feel them too, so I slipped my right hand beneath Gerard's body and caressed the tender flesh. Mikey had been very protective of his brother's breasts and not let any of us the pleasure of touching them, so now we were getting our fill. He seemed to enjoy it as I heard him moan around Ray's thick length. My hand that wasn't groping his body held onto his hip, keeping me steady as I pounded into him, Ray's tongue duelling with mine in my mouth. Neither of us was particularly caring about winning, our concentration mostly focussed on the writhing body beneath us. I moved my hand for his hip to his erection and started to stroke the older male in time with my rough thrusts. We moved like that for a few minutes, Ray's cock pounding down Gerard's throat, while my own cock worked on his tight ass, each thrust clearly hitting his spot. My fist was quickly pumping at Gerard's erection, with my other hand shared Ray's task of feeling up his chest. Our movements got progressively faster and our nails dug into his soft skin, I knew I was getting close and ray was too. I knew he was close to cimaxing when his lips left mine. For some reason he could never kiss anyone while he came.

It was then that two unexpected things happened which made me go faster inside him and let go of his length. The first was the sudden feeling of something wet and warm coating my right hand. The second was a series of soft kitten licks at my cleft from someone who'd clearly entered whyile we were so wrapped up in each other. Ray clearly noticed and felt the first one too as I heard him howl in pleasure, his neck tipping back and his strong thighs thrusting forward as he unloaded his seed down Gerard's talented throat.

I felt a pair of hands open up my ass, so that the probing tongue could push deeper inside me. "Fuck..." The tongue easily slid into my ring and started lapping at my inner walls and I knew I could take no more. My hips bucked forward one last time as my length shot cum deep within Gerard's heat. "Holy fuck, that was amazing." The tongue retreated from my hole as I pulled my length out of Gerard's body.

"Your asshole tastes so good Bobby." I heard a soft voice from behind me speak up, and I recognised it instantly. "But I told you, you shouldn't be fucking my brother."

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    I started an MCR/bandom ship discord a few months ago. If anyone wants to join it’s here. It’s 18+ so please don’t join if you’re younger and all…

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