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As I look outside...

I feel like I'm where the Breathe Easy vid was filmed. Snow everywhere! Now why couldn't there be Duncan and Lee shagging behind a tree.
Seen Six Feet Under, might give a fuller review later but vulcan_girl is right, Daniels from Enterprise in it and it's scary how gay he is!

Anyway the whole point of this entry was to describe a strange dream I had last night.

I was at Kel's, but it wasn't kel's. I mean it was the same place externally, but inside it was completely different. I was talking to this woman, she was familiar somehow and I felt I knew her but I couldn't remember how.
Anyway, while we were talking (I don't know what about) Gavin appeared at the kitchen window. I could hear him say that he wanted to talk. At first I ignored him, then said I was busy talking to my neighbour.
When he turned away, this woman urged me out to follow him, but when I caught up with him and turned him round, he was at least 10 years older and had tears running down his face.

Then I woke up. *puzzled*
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