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Pairing: Waycest
Rating: NC-17
POV: Mikey
Notes: Based on a dream I had ages ago (like most of the fic I do it seems)
Warnings: Au, smut, light bondage, mentions of other things
Dedications: bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, fastbetty31

It had been a month now. I remembered the day he'd been left him like it was yesterday.

I remembered how Gerard had entered the front door, tears coating his cheeks as he walked right past me into the kitchen. He remained silent as he went into the freezer, pulled out a tub of ice cream and headed down to his room. I wasn't even sure if he took a spoon with him. What I was sure of was what had happened. He'd been going out with this guy Ray for the past few months. He was so sure everything was going well, so sure that Ray was the one that he was all he could talk about. By the way he went straight for the ice cream and headed downstairs I knew that it had ended.

It took a week for Gerard to talk to me and the better part of an hour to coax out the full details on what had happened. The details weren't pretty. He thought that him and Gerard was a 'dead end relationship' and that Gerard was too 'controlling and attention seeking'. Of course Gerard wasn't those things. I knew my big brother wasn't. So I comforted as best I could, without crossing the line I'd made in my head.

See, since I turned 14 I found my older brother attractive. He was the cause of my first hard-on and thoughts of him filled my head when i jacked off to achieve my first orgasm. It may be wrong but I just didn't give a fuck. I hadn't even had a boyfriend because I wanted him so much. I did however, have a whore once. But when I screamed big brother as I came I knew I had to make sure he'd not say anything to anyone. I wasn't sure if they ever found his body.

Two weeks ago I'd decided to, quietly, take care of Ray as well. He hurt my brother, my love, and that was unforgiveable. I never saw my brother's attraction in him anyway. He'd hair big enough to lose yourself in and just looked, well, strange-looking. Of course once I'd gotten him naked I saw that he was extremely well-endowed and that may be part of the reason for the attraction. I made sure Gerard never saw the pictures in the paper of his ex-lover. Of course, they'd never find him. I'd made sure of that.

Now, Gerard looked incredibly different to how he had since he'd been jilted. The main thing that had changed about him was his body. Due to eating excessive amounts of chocolate, ice cream and Ray's flesh (course, he didn't know about that one) he'd gotten to be quite large. Not like those grotesquely huge people that you see on documentaries that can't even move out of bed, he was large as in plump and round. He'd never been the thinest person before, though I knew he'd thought about losing it for Ray, but of course he never did.

I crept into his bedroom and smiled at the sight of him curled up in bed. I always came to see him before I my nightly jack off session and I was already naked for it. He was completely naked, save for his boxer shorts. I gazed at his plump belly, then up to his angelic face where wanilla and chocolate ice cream was smeared across his lips. That image alone was enough for me. I decided that this was the time. Tonight was the night. The night I'd have him.

I went into my own room, picking up a pair of handcuffs from my bedside drawer that I'd gotten from Ray's apartment, then went into his bedroom. I walked over to his sleeping form, then gripped his wrists and moved them behind him, slipping the cuffs around them and locking them. I smiled as he didn't even stir at my actions, then I rolled him onto his back and laid over him, planting my lips on his ice cream stained ones. He moved beneath me and I pulled back, watching his eyes flutter open. "R... Ray?"

"No sweety." I smiled down at him, stroking his bloated belly lightly. "It's me."

"Mikey, what're you doing?" His eyes were quickly widening and I could sense that he was waking fast. Soon he'd realise his hands were bound and he'd be struggling.

"I kissed you Gerard, I've wanted to kiss you for the longest time." I stroked his chest, lightly tugging on the waistband of his boxers. He was squirming now and I could tell in his hazel eyes that he'd realised he was restrained.

"Mikey..." His eyes were wide now, wide with fear as I pushed the material down his legs, freeing his soft cock from it's prison.

"Ray won't come back to you Gerard." I cast the underwear aside and locked eyes with him. "He would never come back to you. He could never want you like I want you. I mean, look at yourself." I bought my hands to his belly, stroking it again as I spoke. "You're fat Gerard, no one would want you. Except me, I want you." I bent down and kissed his chin lightly, lapping some of the ice cream from it as I moved my fingertips lower. "In time, you'll see I'm right, even if I have to force you to."

"Mikey..." He was trying to wiggle away from me again, but I didn't try to stop him. After all, it's not as if he could do anything if he did get away. I'd still be able to catch him. I simply licked the rest of the cream from his face, using my hand to caress his soft cock and balls. His hips moved up, making his crotch press against my hand. He was enjoying this really, enjoying the attention if nothing else. "Please..."

That's when I knew I had him. I ran my other hand down his body, bypassing his crotch entirely and bringing it to feel his fat ass. I lightly squeezed at his rounded flesh, watching him as he jumped slightly at the feeling. I kissed his lips lightly again, slipping my fingers between his cheeks and running them along his slightly hairy crack. My slender digits easily found the pucker of his entrance and I slowly inserted one inside him. I didn't want to hurt him, but I knew that Ray had been a big boy, so my brother should be able to take me easily and with minimal effort. Though I had decided to wait a month which probably effected how easy this would be on him. He arched up and I felt his body clench around me, which clearly meant I'd have to go slow. Not that I wanted to, but I knew that if I went slow and steady with him now, he'd be begging for more later.

I wiggled my finger inside his tight heat, massaging his length to get him hard. He was already semi-aroused which only meant I was definately exciting him now. I pushed my finger in fully, slowly removing it until just my fingertip was inside him then slammed it back inside with my forefinger. He yelped against my lips and arched his large body again. He was so beautiful when he did that. I twisted my fingers inside his hole, his sweat coating them as I smirked at him gasping and groaning low. I pulled them out very slowly, then thrust them back inside him hard, trying to angle them to hit his spot. I'd practiced on Ray before I tore him apart and hoped that Gerard's spot would be in a similar sort of place. "Fuck Mikey!" Apparently it was.

I kissed a path over to his ear, curling my fingers against his spot to make him moan in pleasure. "Beg for me."

"Ugh... Mikey..."

I growled, digging my nails into his thigh as I squirmed my other fingers inside of him. "That's not begging big brother. I want you to beg. Beg for me and I'll fuck your tight, fat ass."

He squirmed again, squeezing his pretty eyes shut as he spoke. "Please little brother, I need your cock inside me. Fuck me until I see stars."

He was a good boy, begging the right way already. As my fingers slowly slipped out of him, I could tell he'd be begging me every night from now on for me to take his ass. He spread his legs nice and wide for me to enter him. I took a few moments to stare at him like this. His hands were cuffed behind him and his erection was pulsing up into the air, away from his thick, curly pubic hair. His bloated belly was covered in sweat, trembling slightly with every breathe. His thick thighs were lightly marked where my nails dug into his skin and the small crescent marks I'd left definately suited him. I moved between his parted legs, aiming my aroused cock at his spread ring. "Good boy." I laid over him and started to suck on his neck as I pushed my hips forward, my length entering his hole for the first time. I bit my own lip as I thrust my hips forward, burying myself full inside him. He squealled loudly in pain, like the pig he was, but I knew his pain wouldn't last. It was best just to ride it out. I kissed his neck, ignoring the sounds of pain he was making as my hips moved back and I thrust back within him. The moans he was making were the most beautiful sounds I'd ever heard and what made them better was knowing that I was causing them.

I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock, pumping it as I steadily pounded his ass. I made sure each one of my thrusts ended with my length buried fully inside him and I tried each time to hit his spot. I knew I wouldn't get it right away first time, but I would learn to. "Fuck Mikey..." His body arched beneath me and I knew that meant my cock had hit it's target. When I next pulled out I did so carefully so as not to lose the angle that I'd used on the previous thrust. I rammed back inside him, kissing him hungrily and swallowing the groans of pleasure he made. I forced my tongue into his mouth, eager to explore the unfamiliar territory like I'd always wanted. He tasted of ice cream and cigarettes.

I tightened my grip on his shaft, licking around his tongue until he started to respond to my kiss, the soft muscle moving and starting to dance around mine. He was definately getting into this now. I stroked his belly wiht my free hand, increasing the speed of the other's movements as I did so. I wanted him to get off on this too, I needed him to. I doubted that would be a probably though, as his cock pulsed and it's head drooled precum frequently. I'm sure my hand, slick with sweet and his fluids, felt almost as good to him as his insides felt to me.

I closed my eyes as his legs wrapped themselves around my waist, pulling me closer and deeper into him. I groaned at the feeling, encouraged to go harder because of it. "Do you like that slut, do you like being fucked by your brother?" I licked at his lips as I spoke, smirking as his on reply was just a low groan. "I'm right aren't I big brother? You love my hard cock pounding into your tight, fat ass, don't you?"

"Ugh... Mikey..."

"Say it." I licked my lips and thrust hard inside him. I knew I was close and I needed to hear him say it.

He took a deep breath before speaking, his body squirming in pleasure. "I... I love your dick ramming into me, it makes me feel so good. I want you to fuck my ass whenever you want."

I grunted, trying to restrain myself from filling him at his words. "And you want no one else do you slut?" He managed to shake his head. "Good boy." I trailed my tongue over his sweaty neck, purring softly in his ear. "Because as I said before, no one else will want you but me." He gasped at my words, but I was sure he wasn't registering what I was saying. Not that I cared, what mattered to me most was that I said it. I tipped my head back and squeezed my fingers around his cock as I let go, my load deep splashing against his walls. Clearly that set him off as I felt his seed spurt out of his length and his ass start to squeeze around my dick, milking the cum out of me.

Once his ass let go of me, I slipped out of him and bent down to lick his stomach clean. He'd cum a lot, which meant he'd probably not even jacked himself off in weeks. I raised my sticky fingers to his lips, purring as he started to lap them clean. He was such a good boy. I lapped up all of his salty cream, then moved up his body and held my cock in front of his face. He released my now clean fingers and took it into his mouth, suckling his ass juices, sweat, cum and blood from my length. I must have torn him without feeling it. I stroked his dark locks as he suckled and licked me clean, purring at the slurping noises he made. "My slut. My good little slut." His tongue circled around my dick, the wetness making my length clean in just a few minutes. I'd have to get him to give me head next time I got aroused. "Do you know what else you are?" He shook his head and I pulled away from his moist mouth, my cock now slick with saliva. "You're my little piggy." I grinned at him, wiping his length in his hair then settled over him again, letting a few drops of piss land onto his chest before I got up from him. I ignored the faint sounds of disgust he made and reached for one of his permanent markers. "Now to remind you that you are."

I rolled him onto his front and wrote on his left arm in big, capital letters: PIGGY. Satisfied, I tossed the pen away and curled up beside his naked body. He'd already drifted off to sleep, making soft snoring sounds. Instead of annoying me, it served to help send me off to sleep, dreams of doing everything I wanted to my older brother filling my mind as they did every night. Only tonight they all seemed so much closer to becoming true.
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