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Build a bridge in your mind

I hate being woken up by the door buzzing.

I don't mind as much if there's a package there, or a hot guy or Spencer naked (alas, the last two haven't happened) but when there's nothing and no one there I get a bit pissed off. I was having a nice dream too, well, I think it was. Jepha was in drag again, like before and Oli was there.

I think mum's been replaced by a clone. She wants to go to Wolverhampton Friday (as opposed to next week) and is offering to get me Rabbids for the Wii (as opposed to not getting anything, also she calls Rabbids 'that game you want' sigh). So instead of getting tee's I'll be going there and getting tee's when I go see The Simpsons movie in almost two weeks (which I hate, I wanna see it nowwww).

I hate how there's so few wii games out I want (so far I've wanted Wii Play, Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, Brain Training and Rabbids, 4 of which I have). I wish Super Smash Brothers/Rabbids 2/Lego Star Wars/Umbrella Chronicles would be out soon. I hate how the middle two are coming out so close together though.

I hate how last night LJ was down. Cause as soon as I saw it was down i slowed down writing. if it had been up fic'd be done and posted, but now... well it'll be done soon I think.

I hate where I am on Resident Evil 4. I'm at the cabin near the village where the villagers attack en masse. So they're jumping through the windows, throwing things around and generally trying to kill me. I always die on the first try and this was no excetion. But it was at 3:30 so I couldn't be bothered trying again.

I < 3 mikeyface for keeping me smily last night randomly.

Today's Kerrang day but today's was nothing special. There's an adorable pic of the Leone's with Matthew looking all adorable and close to his twin. The Ian poster's hot. The main thing's about Panic! Spencer has nice legs and, blissfully no facial hair. Ryan looks so perdy even with a broken guitar, Brendon looks like he's on sugar (and I really don't trust him driving) and Jon's facial hair scares me. Cause there's more hair on his chin then his head. In short, this week's Kerrang pretty much solely exists to get me hyper and wanting next week's. Sure, the cover looks like it'll be HIM again but there's posters. At least two very hot ones. One of Madina where they look guh (and the twins seem to be smirking over something that the others don't get, smirking brothers=guh) and one of Bullet from last week's cover shoot.

They all look like they're wanking their guns.

I wish there was the whole shoot online already.

I'm going to wake up properly, finish fic like I was gonna last night and... well I dunno what to do after that.
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