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I've just come back. Today's been good and bad.

The bad is being at the home. Seems we choose a bad day to go cause first she was unresponsive, then she started mumbling, then screaming like a banshee. I hate going there, I really do. It's so horrible and, I just hate it. A large part of me wishes she was gone already.

We went to Mcdonalds straight after though, the around the shops. This is where the day was better then I thought. I started the day with only £20 and I wanted to set that aside for the game but I got other things. However, mum decided to be nice (I think she's been switched with an alien) and got me stuff. I got her the Harry Potter book, so she'll be busy reading that.

I'm gonna get Nintendo magazine when I next see it causa pretty Zelda badges. Sadly, the issue of Tuned I wanted is gone. Sigh.

I got the following:
*A FOB tee
*Both MCR Teenagers 7 inches
*Howl's Moving Castle < 3 Which I've always wanted to see
*Drummer magazine (guh the Bob!)
*Mustafarian Lava Miner
*Big Brain Academy (for the Wii)
*Ickle unicorn
*Various sweets and Pepsi

I'm thinking tomorrow or Thursday to go to Walsall and get out some money to get tee's (specially the MCR one's and the Mega Lolz one) something for babu and maybe another dvd or two. I woulda got em today but I stupidly left the bank book behind. Doesn't bother me though as it'll only be an hour out so I'll be back quick.

Tomorrow's Kerrang isn't hot like last week's but it is pretty It's especially odd since Panic! weren't mentioned as being in it last week so... wtf?

Apparently me in a dress is some kinds of hot, so I'll take new pics soon. Plus with me smoking.

I'm gonna go lay down now, cause my back aches. Then I'll return and finish Waycest (should be done tonight) and poke people.
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