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Just sleeeep

I've spent today mostly in bed. Cause after returning fromt the doc's/making post my back hurt so I lay in bed and drifted off. The I woke up. Then I went to sleep. This went on till about half 4 when i finally woke up properly, but at 7 I went back for an hour.

I wanna smoke, but I dunno what the trigger is.

I've also gotta go get drink which I'll do after this post.

I hate the new Windows Media Player. It's confusing and sucks.

I was gonna do a fic poll, but didn't know what to do so there's this surveryish thing under the cut, so fill in pleaseeee.

Are there any pairings you want me to write? (include pics if you think I might not know who they are/if you want)
Are they any pairings you'd want me to do more of?
Are they any specific fandoms you'd like me to try and do? (or specific boys?)
Are they any specific fandoms you'd like me to try and do more of? (or specific boys?)
Any specific fics you want to see finishing?
Which fic(s) of mine do you like best?
Which type of fic do you like me doing most (smut/gore etc)?
Should I do a Battle Royale fic?
This there anything I shouldn't do (het, scat etc)?
Any threesomes/band orgies you'd wanna read about?
Do yous have any fic-related questions for me?

I get the feeling I had more, but oh well.

Edit: Anyone got links to Jepha fics? Cause the new vid=guhh
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