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We'll never let you go

Last night, after I finished fic I watched Farscape then bed. Boring, yes, but I did go on Resident Evil for a bit and now have the annoying brat.

I wonder if they're trying to say something about religion with Resident Evil 4. What with using the Las Plagas parasite to control others and bring them into the 'religion'. A religion who's main leaders are Palpatine and a psychotic midget.

I've come back from the doctor now. it was a bit pointless, as I'm fine now and he just criticised my hair. well I think he did, sometimes I can't get his accent.

Blockbuster's was closed again, so I withdrew £30 for nothing. Also the guitar shop wasn't open either (is anything open here?). Still, I got some pasta, cookiees and galaxy chocolate so I'm sorta happy. I can get the game I wanted Wednesday (or dvds from Blockbuster if they've got good ones). I'm annoyed that I didn't get 7up from by the doctor's, cause when I came to the co-op all they had was Sprite (in a buy one get one free) all one it's own. Sigh, I need Pepsi.

About the poll I pondered doing yesterday: I've now forgotten what it was entirely.

It amuses me that one of mum's friends has thought that she should go with babu's dad.

Compliment or something else, discuss

I have fic open, just in case I get in the mood.

Yay for it being MCR day! Woop!

I leave now with this very hot pic that ragegaycrusader scanned. I really want Drummer magazine now k?
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