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Pairing: Patrick/Bob, others mentioned/implied
Rating: NC-17
Summary: An awards show makes Patrick flustered
Warnings: For some reason I couldn't do sex for this. I've absolutely no idea why. Maybe I'll do a semi-sequel with the sex.
Dedications: bloodyhands, antontobias86, mikeyface, batboy, fastbetty31

"You're flustered. Why are you so flustered?" I could practically feel Pete poking me like a child would when I didn't answer him. "I've never seen you this flustered about an awards show before." Was I really that bad? Nah, it was all him. Sure I'd spent two hours choosing what hat to wear, but that didn't mean anything.

"I'm fine Pete."

"Who is he? Or she, I can never tell with you." Gods, why did he have to assume I was trying to impress, or desperately hide from someone. Sure he was right, as he always was but that wasn't important either. What was important was I wasn't trying to impress anyone, hiding was much more preferable. I mean, there's going to be so many people there it should be easy to hide among them. As long as I got as far away from pete as humanly possible.

"What'll it take for you to leave me alone? A blowjob? A monkey? A blowjob from a monkey? What?" I should've known the second I said blowjob what he'd want. Least it'd get him to shut up.


An hour later we were in the limo on the way to the venue, which had clearly been Pete's idea. That was when he decided it was a good idea to speak up again. "Spencer. Ryan. Brendon. Jon. Bert. Quinn. Jepha. Dean. Billy. Benji. Pau..."

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Naming who's gonna be there." He said it like it was such an obvious thing. An obvious, extremely annoying thing. "When I get to the person you like you'll react to it... hey, is it Paul?"

"No he's not Paul." Fuck. "I mean... there's no one. Shut the fuck Pete."

"Ahh there is someone and it's a him, I knew it! Come on, spill. I'll set you up." Great, now I had Pete wanting to play cupid for me. Just what I need.

"What makes you think you know him?"

"I know everyone." Pete could be a little full of himself at times, this was one of them.

"That doesn't mean everyone likes you. Do I have to go over this again?" Pete opened his mouth as if to speak, so I decided to cut him off. "I've two words for you Pete: Gerard and Bert. Remember what happened there? They had this crazy sexual tension thing and I'm sure they'd have ended up together and I told you so, but you couldn't help yourself. You meddled and now they can't even be in the same room as each other without security guards in the room. Plus it made Mikey hate you. So take the hint and leave it alone, I'm fine without your help."

"But I know you better then I did them, Trick. I know you've got no confidence when it comes to dating, but trust me on this, there's guys that like you. Some of them are there tonight."

I raised an eyebrow at his words, especially the last sentence. The way he said it, it was like he knew something. "Like who?"

"Ok, let's see... Brendon likes you, but then again, he'd hump a pencil sharpener if you told him it would give him an orgasm. If you're into that. I think one of those Madina twins likes you, but I'm not sure if crying your name out during sex means anything." I was very close to slapping him right now, but I knew it wouldn't stop him talking so I didn't bother. "Plus they're not here tonight so I guess that's a moot point. Oh! Bob from MCR likes you, I saw him checking you out at the VMAs."

"Hey didn't you once live with him?" That was Andy who chose to share that piece of information. Great, this was turning into a three-way conversation, just what I needed. I knew Joe wouldn't join in because he as too engrossed in his book to even notice us. I'm sure he'd remain in the limo even when we arrived.

"Yeah, he did. But that was a long time ago..." Andy gave me one of his looks, which always meant he knew something. Now it meant he'd possibly realised I wanted Bob. I just prayed Pete hadn't noticed.

"Yeah, yeah whatever. But he was so checking you out, his eyes were right on your cock." I didn't know if I wanted to believe him, but I knew if I asked about it he'd make a big deal out of it and interfere. Maybe I should find out if he was telling the truth, but on my own.

"Pete, enough now. Please."


Of course, telling Pete Wentz that it was enough didn't mean he'd listen. However, instead of asking me about guys and giving me suggestions, he gave me flirting tips. Basically he said to lick my lips a lot, sway my hips and ass and, finally, make out with whoever I was after. Even though I told him to stop, he just carried on talking. He never knew when to shut the fuck up.

As soon as we arrived I did as I wanted to: namely get away from Pete. I left Andy to keep an eye on him and asked Ryan to distract him. Ryan was very good at keeping Pete occupied.

We'd arrived an hour before the show started, which was always a good thing. It gave me time to look around and find Bob. That was after walking Joe, whose nose was still in the book, to our table. Once he was settled in his seat I was free to go off as I wanted. "Good luck with finding him Trick." I was surprised he'd took his mind off the words in front of him, though he seemed not to even move his gaze from the page.

"Thanks Joe." I gave him a small smile and then scurried off into the milling crowd. I looked all around the place and found My Chemical Romance's table, but there was no one there yet. That meant it was a case of waiting, something I was never really that good at. Andy was far more patient then I was and I wished to fuck there was someone here to keep me occupied.

"Figured I'd find you here." I smiled at the sound of Spencer's familiar voice, turning around to gaze at him. He was wearing a smart suit, complete with a tie, which was the smartest I'd seen him in months. True, the last time I saw him we'd been touring together and the time before that he was still up in that cabin in the middle of nowhere. The image of him on his knees in a leather harness sucking Ryan off would be forever ingrained in my mind. Even now, as I looked at him, my mind was superimposing his naked, strapped body over what he was currently wearing. "You should get nearer the entrance, they're not going to be here for another ten minutes."

"Thanks." I smiled and decided it would be best to leave him before my mind's eye let me see his cock again.

I'd never figured he'd be the type for a Prince Albert.


I watched as Gerard entered slightly before the others, with Bob and Ray flanking him and taking in their environment. Clearly they were keeping an eye out for Bert, though if either were asked they'd most likely deny it. Mikey followed with them, chatting to Matt Cortez, who'd been his replacement for the past few months. There were rumours he'd had a mental breakdown which lead to his time off, though I'd never really bought into it. Still, it was more believeable then that 'honeymoon' crap that was the offical line on the matter. Last to come in was Frankie, who'd probably been out seeing as many of the crowd of fans outside as possible.

They were all dressed in their respective Black Parade uniforms, with the silver highlights shining in the light.

Ok, so now I knew he was here. Now was the hard part, seperating him from the others. Or at least I'd thought it would be hard. As his eyes locked on mine he whispered something to their curly haired guitarist and came right to me. Maybe Pete was right after all. "Hey Patrick, good to see you again."

I returned his smile with my own. "Good to see you too Bob. How's things?"

"Well, they're good I guess, though on the way here Gerard got a strange call on his cell that was for me." I could feel the colour drain from the face as he spoke. That fucking bastard, oh Pete would pay. The next time he wanted a free blow job off me I'd sink my teeth in so deep he'd bleed. "The voice said that I had to come and find you. He said it was importnat that I did. Is something wrong Trick? You've gone so pale you look like Gerard."

"I... erm..." I sighed softly and looked down at my feet as I spoke. Suddenly my converse were more interesting then his face. "I like you Bob. That's why I left the appartment all that time ago and why avoided you during Warped and why..." I shook my head slightly. "Why we haven't really spoke much since then."

I felt his fingers grip my chin, forcing me to look up at him. He was still smiling at me, but it was a bigger smile then before. He leaned in close to me and placed his lips over mine. I let my eyelids fall shut as his tongue requested entrance into my mouth. I parted my lips slightly, feeling his lip ring against me as his soft muscle entered my mouth. I lapped at his tongue, feeling his strong arms wrap around my waist. I wanted him to take me, right here in front of all of these people. I honestly wouldn't have cared about our bands staring at us as he screwed the shit outta me against the wall.

His lips only left mine so he could purr against me. "Maybe we should go somewhere more private. I mean, I know I won't be missed..."

"Don't be so ridiculous Bobby..." He placed on of his large fingers on my lips to silence me.

"I know I'm right. People will miss you more then they'll miss me."

"I don't care." I smiled at him, reaching up to stroke his cheek slightly. I honestly didn't care that I'd miss this crappy awards ceremony, even if it meant that there were two empty seats where we should be. I just wanted to be alone with him, with his shiny buttons over the floor and his bare skin pressed against mine. I wanted to feel him pulse inside me as I made him orgasm. Maybe being with Pete for so long had finally turned me into a raging pervert.

"Good." He trailed his tongue over his shining lips, and took my hand in his, giving it a gentle squeeze as he led me away. I trusted him to know where we were going. He got us backstage without saying a word to the security guys and we were soon locked away in the first empty room we found. Thankfully it was a dressing room and not a storage closet, but I probably wouldn't have cared if it was. He pressed me against the wall and ground his hips against mine, his lips finding my own again.


"You know, I'm glad Pete told you to talk to me." I lay in Bob's arms, on the floor of the dressing room, our clothes pooled around us. If we'd gotten dressed after we came I was sure we could have both made the stupid show, but I didn't want to rush. I was content to watch his sweat-slick chest rise and fall as he breathed. It took all my effort just to speak those words.

"Pete?" He looked down at me, his bright blue eyes glinting curiously. "Who told me to come and see you, it wasn't Pete. Gerard' s blocked all his numbers. I didn't recognise it as Pete either so..."

"Oh..." I watched him with a smile, wondering who had decided to be our cupid if it wasn't meddling Pete. I'd have to find out who it was so I could get them a gift basket of muffins.

Bob grinned down at me, tipped my hat up and kissed me again, his stubble brushing against my chin. Suddenly, all thoughts of who it was left my head and I surrendered completely to him.
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