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Time's what we don't have

Yay for downstairs having an allergy to cats! That's means kitty!Tom and Lily might actually end up being mine. Yay! I'll have to train him not to knock my Star Wars figs over.

Also yay for The Blackout and Madina Lake tee's being at babu's. < 33 So I'll have something to wear to both gigs. Now all I need is a The Used tee for Taste Of Chaos cause then I'd have a band tee for each gig. Let's hope they do one in HMV.

Anyone that wants to see me at a gig, I'll be at:
Decaydance Fest: London: August 22nd
30 Seconds To Mars: Brixton: September 14th
Madina Lake: Birmingham Academy: September 28th
The Blackout: Birmingham Academy: October 10th
Taste Of Chaos: Birmingham Academy: November 21st

I've been on Resident Evil 4 for about 5 minutes, but that's just to shoot the last blue medal in the farm before I go on. I want a free gun damnit! Next time I go on I shall get the aforementioned gun.

It's raining here and has been since 12ish. So that's five hours on stop rain. Sigh. I hate that's so cold causa the rain.

I love this song, though hate the odd start.

Edit: As opposed to writing, I'm doing Star Wars tracklists I've been meant to do. I have fic open though.
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