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Please refrain from downloading the entire galaxy

So there's this game called Star Wars Galaxies and it's apparently like World Of Warcraft, so I decided to go on the site. There's a free 14-day trial, so I figure why not. The set-up download takes 10 minutes and installing's done in 3. So I open it and what does it do? Feel the need to download updates before I've done anything other then register. Updates that take 20 hours. And this is on broadband, fuck knows how it is on dial-up.

Always a catch.

Still it let's me think who I wanna be. I think I'll be a Smuggler/Bounty Hunter. I don't go much on being on either side. The Empire's too ruthless and being a part of the Rebellion means a life on the run. No thanks, it's neutrality for me.

If I was ever in the Star Wars Universe, I'd always remain neutral. Cause even if you're on the winning team, eventually they lose. That's something which has happened to ever single political body in Star Wars. it's either been decapitated, destroyed, reformed or incapacitated.

I'm rambling again. Sigh.

I've been on Resident Evil 4 two hours today. It's very rewarding killing the first chainsaw guy instead of just running away like I did first time. I squeed with much glee over that. I still dread the Reanimators, butthey're far away now (I also dread that guy with the rapid fire gun, cause I can't stand him). My aim's a bit shakey though, like it was in Zelda. Despite that my hit ratio's about 80% by the last end of chapter, so that's pretty good considering.

I finished reordering my dvds today. Go me! They're now mostly on the shelves with a few exceptions. One's Ally Mcbeal cause I'm sorta going through it, the other's Pirates 2 (cause it's with mum), family Guy Christmas special (cause it's AWOL) and Final Fantasy Advent Children which is still lost.

I watched Get Real on Film4 and it didn't go funny. Huzzah. It's a really good gay film and so very British. It's got a good message too: that automatically assuming your child's a hetrosexual is can be a bad/damaging think. It makes me sad though cause I know how Steven feels. I like what his mother says to bullies: 'I'm proud of my son. And if you hurt him I'll have your bollocks for earrings.' < 3

I thought about the concept of god a few days back and came up with a theory. I've always believed there was some form of creation force, some sort of higher power, but I've never really bought the god's religions talk about. Why? Because there's so much contradiction. That god created us with free-will, yet some religions still maintain we can't do certain things that don't harm anyone (like being gay, for instace) and others that treat women as objects rather then equals. Also, there's been so much pain and suffering caused in god's name that I just think... god's just... given up on us.

Think of it, what's man done best? Kill. We create bombs and weapons that could destroy whole cities if need be. We have people that are so deluded they think that strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up is not alone for the greater good but also the will of their god.

We'd rather spend money on weaponry then cures for disease. We'd rather let people suffer then help them. We'd rather invade a country for oil rather then to liberate it's people.

If I was god, I'd take one look at us as a species and just... abandon all hope and start anew. I doubt that god appreciates being used as an excuse for death and suffering and I doubt that god would approve of the actions of most religions.

Not that I truly believe god payed much attention to us anyway. There's a whole universe out there.

Again, I'm rambling and probably lost the main point.
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