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Here come the drums, here come the drums

Often the very first thing I do on Wednesday's is to venture outside, waddle up to the Co-Op and get Kerrang! Today was no different. Perhaps it's not a very good idea to go outside when there's still sleep blurring my vision, but eh, I don't really care. It's become the sole constant thing I do anymore. Even when I'm down south, I get it on the Wednesday. If I don't get it on the day I get oddly cranky. I remember the worst time was last year where there was all the MCR covers and all I could find was Gerard and Frankie when I really wanted the other three.

Anyway, I'm rambling with no real point as I tend to do.

I've had a quick skim through Kerrang, but I'm not yet fully awke enough to properly read it yet. So I'll just comment on the visuals. First about Bullet: Moose's hair is strange, Padge looks exactly the same as he always does, Jay looks non-threatening (even with a gun) and Matt just looks... guh. Mostly cause he's holding the gun on the front like he's gonna jack it off. When I first saw pictures of Bullet, Jay had his hair uber spiked up and generally looked all scary and angry. Over time his hair's gone down and become fluffy and cute (and hearing his adorablely soft voice just makes him so cute). Now he looks emoish. I wish there was a confirmed poster for this shoot. Also, Matt holding a baby just looks... very strange. Why's he holding a baby anyway? Who's baby is it?

I'm thankfull the Fall Out Boy and 30 Seconds posters aren't back to back, though that makes the 30 Seconds one small but.... well I don't really mind. Patrick looks adorable.

I'll read about the albums later. Though I still wish Omar would sort out his hair. Next week seems more eh, though there's Madina. And something about the Warped Tour and an implication we're getting it. Knowing our luck it'll be winter.

I finished fic last night, so go me. Read if you want.

The Clone Wars cards arrived today so I'll be looking at them later too.

I hate how few band orgy fics there are. So far Panic!'s the band with the most, but I wanna read Bullet orgies, The Used, Good Charlotte, MCR, 30 Seconds, Madina lake and Lostprophets orgies. Hell, let's just smush em all together and see what happens.

I end with a pic of Pete.

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