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Insomniatic Meat Part 1

Insomniatic Meat
Pairings: Bob Bryar/Billy Martin, Bob Bryar/Ray Toro
POV: Bob
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Torture. By torture I mean extreme torture (though admittedly I have done worse) so don't read if you don't like that. This is a pear of anguish, for those who want a visual.
Notes: This is based on Hostel. Ok, it's my version of Hostel, only told from the killer's perspective (like the two dudes in Hostel Part 2). It's about 6 A4 pages long but I didn't want to split it, so apologises for that. This was gonna be just a one off, but as I wrote it I figured I'd make it a trilogy (as long as people like it). Obviously, it's an AU. I promise smut fic soon.
Dedications: antontobias86 for the basis of the room, mrsvandertramp for putting the pear of anguish in my head and the_glory_days, bloodyhands and mikeyface for just being awesome.

A familiar bleeping broke my attention from watching the rainfall. I picked up my small mobile from the table beside me and flipped open the top to check exactly what message it was. Three pictures were displayed on the small screen, each of a young, pretty boy's face. I'd been waiting for this for well over a week now. I examined each picture carefully, taking in every detail of them. At the bottom of each picture was his name, age and nationality. The first had slightly chubby cheeks with slight sideburns and ginger-brown hair past his shoulders. He had no facial piercings and had a shy half-smile crossing his lips. His eyes were a warm blue-green. Patrick, 21, American. Something about him appealed to me though I wasn't sure what. The second one had long, jet-black hair and blue eyes. He had a septum piercing and plugs in both ears. Billy, 22, American. The last one also had blue eyes and he had brown hair shorter then the other's. Matt, 21, English.

After a few moments thought I decided on Billy. I knew if I went with Patrick I'd become infatuated with him and then it would be harder to do what I had to do. After a few moments of just staring at their faces again the screen flashed and I knew what I had to do. I sat back in the longue chair and rapidly typed various numbers on the screen, each increasingly bigger. It was like e-bay, only for beautiful boys and not crap from someone's garage.

Five minutes of fast typing later, bidding ended and I was the highest. $50,014. I recieved a text message a few minutes later that I had to be there in two days, most likely getting him the day after. I nodded to myself in satisfaction and called the airport to get the next flight out. Better to get underway as soon as possible.


Eight hours later I was on the flight. I'd packed a small travel bag, with just the essentials and called Gerard to come over and feed the fish until I was back. I watched the clouds go by out the window, absently wondering who had won the other guys and if I'd meet them while I was there. Hell, maybe they'd be on this flight.

I chuckled to myself at the thought, watching as two blonde-haired guys went into the first class toilet in front of me together, locking the door behind them. I closed my eyes as I heard the vague, yet obvious, moans and sounds of sex from the small room.I shook my head slightly at the sounds of their love-making, though it did turn me on greatly.

To take my mind off the two beauty's screwing, I put my earphones in and watched the inflight movie. Something about a bunch of kids and a cabin in the middle of nowhere.


At the airport there was someone already waiting for me, who I recognised. He was a tall man, with strong, musular arms and a mass of dark, curly hair on his head. "Ah Mr Bryar, I'm glad you got here on time." He wore a smile on his large, sexy lips and his eyes gleamed with genuine pleasure at seeing me.

"Mr Toro." I returned his smile and shook his offered hand. "It's good to see you again."

He nodded, his hair bobbing to and fro as he he did. "And you again Mr Bryar. There's a car waiting for you outside the terminal to take you to the hotel, the same as before." He handed me a small pager with a bloodhound on it, just like the one I'd had before. "I'll come and see you there. I'd come now, but one of our other buyers has just landed also. I hope you don't mind."

"No, it's no problem at all." I pocketed the pager and smiled at him. "I'll see you later." I waved him goodbye as I headed out for the car, knowing that I definately would be seeing him later on. I turned back on last time to see him moving to whoever the other buyer was then left for the car.


Strictly speaking Ray Toro shouldn't have his head between my legs and his full lips around my cock. My fingers shouldn't be tangled in his dark curls as he suckled on my hardness. Our relationship should be purely business, but neither of us was complaining about this arrangement. I lay on the back on large, oversized bed to allow his hands to run over my chest and tweak at my hard, sensitive nipples. I was sure that he'd been a slut in another life.

I gazed down as his lips left my hardness, but he just grinned back up at me as he slowly climbed onto my body. I smirked up as him as his slick fingers retreated from the curve of his ass beefore he plunged himself down onto my cock. I groaned as he gripped onto my shoulders, his nails digging into my skin as he rode me. "Oh fuck..." I groaned, running my hands over his thick thighs and allowing my eyes to trail over his chest. He was beautiful, from the curls of his hair which hung over his eyes to the tattoo on his hip, which matched the one on my own shoulder blade. I wrapped my fingers around his impressive length, starting you stroke him steadily. "Faster..."

He grunted and circled his hips, his head tipped back in obvious pleasure. I thrust up into him, using my other hand to caress his muscular chest. "Fuck Bob, right there." He raised himself up and slammed himself back down on me. He scrached at my skin as he moved ever faster making me groan in pleasure. I sped up my hand movements, rapidly jacking off his pulsing length as he squeezed around me. His ass was incredible, I always thought that when we fucked. I moaned his name as his clenching caused me to spill myself inside him.

He followed me soon after, his seed hitting my belly. I started drifting off to sleep as he climbed off me, barely picking up the sensation of his wet tongue cleaning my softening cock.


He was still sprawled beside me when I woke the next morning. I smiled and kissed his neck, then slipped out of bed and made some coffee. While I was here every day seemed to start like this. With Ray Toro naked in my bed, the coffee machine heating up and the pale sunlight filling the room. I poured a cup of coffee and drank the whole thing in one go, not even waiting for it to cool. I headed back to the bed, to run my fingers through his curls and plant a soft kiss on his forehead.

I plucked my speedo's from my travel back and slipped them up my hairy legs, deciding to take the opportunity to use the hotel's swimming pool. I picked up the pager and the room's keycard before stepping over Ray's clothes and clipboard to vacate the room.


The pool was, as you'd expect at 8 am, pretty much empty. The only other person there got out and left as soon as I arrived. He had dark hair, muscled arms, a sizeable bulge and several tattoos. He had some form of symbols on his arm, the tattoo of a bloodhound me and Ray had on his bicep and a series of small skulls along his other wrist. As he passed me I felt his hazel eyes glare at me, but he said nothing.

I shook my head, choosing to ignore him as I set my things aside and jumped into the warm water.


It was another two day's before the pager beeped. Most of that time was spent in the pool, in the sauna or with Ray. During the day's he'd disappear to do his job, which basically involved him meeting and greeting clients, watching people get tattooed and taking clients to where he was taking me now. The night's involved us fucking, in the shower, aginst the wall and on the balcony. I smiled to myself at the thought as he spoke from beside me. Now he was all buisness.

"As I'm sure you know now Mr Bryar, you have your choice of our equipment and apparel to use. The room where," He looked down at his clipboard briefly. "Billy is set up to your specifications. There's more equipment in there. Also, if you require assistance you just have to press the assist button on the lock keypad." He combed his fingers through his hair. "You'll also be monitored at all time by our cameras, if you wish to have a copy that can be arranged on either dvd or video. Also if there's anything you want of his as a momento or trophy we can arrange it to be sent home with you. You have as long as you want with him and you won't be disturbed." He smiled at me, his eyes twinkling as he looked over me as the car pulled up at our destination. "That's all Mr Bryar, enjoy your time with him."

"Thank you Mr Toro." I returned his smile and got out of the car, gazing at the werehouse that had become familiar to me now.

Ray didn't need to lead me to the dressing room, but he did regardless, having his clipboard and pen ready to tick off what I took. Though I was sure he only followed me to see if I got naked. "So what will you be wearing today?"

I gazed over the various items of clothing that hung up and thought how ridiculous they were. Suits of armor, stormtooper uniforms, full body rubber suits... who wears these things? I gazed at the more normal ones which consisted of various doctor, nurse, police, schoolkid and military uniforms. Then there was the suits, the shorts, the robes, the harnessess...

"I'm not quite sure today Ray." Normally something would jump right out at me, but today there was nothing that caught my eye.

"Maybe a builder." He snigger to himself, until I glared at him and he raised a hand defensivly. "Hey, a Mr... Trohman did it. he dressed as one, picked up a wrench and a hammer and was done in an hour."

"I'm not going in as a builder." I growled softly, as my eyes finally fell on something that caught my eye. "Hey, I know that design..." I ran my fingers over the black material and silver highlights of the outfit.

"Yeah? We ordered it in from somewhere in Chicago last month." That confirmed exactly what I suspected, this was Gerard's.

"I want it." I spoke softly as I took the jacket and pants off the hanger, setting them on the floor as I pulled down my jeans. I felt Ray's eyes on me, but I didn't care. I stepped out of them and pulled the trousers up my legs, quickly zipping up and buttoning the fly. I pulled the jacket on over my black t-shirt and did up the sliver buttons, admiring myself in the full length mirror. The jacket had silver stripes on it, which were similar to ribs and buttons were at each end of them. "It's perfect."

Ray nodded in agreement and grinned, ticking it off his list. "It suits you. It makes you look very sexy."

"Mmmm." I smiled and came over to him, planting a chaste kiss on his lips. "I'll use the equipment in there. Take care of my jeans."

Ray picked them up and I heard him lock my clothing away as I left the room to finally have fun with my prize. "Have fun!"

"Oh I will."


The room's door sealed shut behind me once I entered. The room was dark, the walls painted completely black, with tables of equipment and knives along one wall. The room was lit by red lights hanging from the ceiling which provided the room's eerie glow. Chained up in the centre of the room hung Billy, though a hood was over his head, his prone, naked form still wiggled and squirmed. He was just like a worm on a hook. I smirked and circled his form slowly, then turned on the room's stereo. Music filled the room which made him squirm all the more, as if the music confirmed that there was someone else in the room with him. I'd have thought the sound of my booted feet would've been enough for him to realise he wasn't alone.

I moved in front of him, running my palms over his bare chest and flicking his cold-hardened nipples with my fingertips. Almost every inch of skin on his arms were covered in various brightly coloured tattoos and I knew I'd have to examine them more closely later. Now though, I wanted to see this beauty's face. I gripped the black leather hood that concealed his head and pulled it up off him, tossing it aside. His blue eyes were wide with fear and he was making muffled sounds behind the ball gag that was between his pretty black lips. Black eyeliner and pale pink eye shadow surrounded his eyes, just as I requested. I smiled at him and stroked his pale tear-stained cheek. "Don't worry pretty one, it'll be ok." He shied away from my touch, clearly terrified I'd hurt him. I smiled at him and lifted him up by the chin so our eyes met. I reached behind his head and unbuckled his gag, letting the black ball of it fall from between his lips.

"Th... thank you." His voice was soft and shaky as he spoke, a faint trace of hope clear in his words. "Will you let me down?"

I glanced at his wrists, which were chained together and hung from the ceiling. "We'll see. My name's Bob." I left his eyeline and went to examine the knives and other tools. My fingers ghosted over the assembled equipment until they closed around the handle of a pair of pliers. Perfect.

"I'm Billy."

"I know your name little one." I chuckled as I moved in front of him, keeping the pilers by my side. "Now, hold still." I gripped onto his chin tightly and gave him a small, reassuring smile. I leaned forward and planted my lips on his, raising the pliers as I licked my way between his lips inside his warm mouth. I trailed my tongue over his teeth and brushed it over his own soft muscle before slowly withdrawing. His eyes were lidded from the kiss so as I clamped the pliers onto the metal of his septum piercing he didn't react. I smirked as I pulled on the silver ring, roughly ripping it from his nose, blood spraying over his face. His screams filled the room, but the music drowned them out. I took the ring from the pliers and bit the flesh of his nose from the metal and swallowed it, pocketing the small silver ring. "Awww what's wrong beautiful? You thought I wouldn't hurt you?" I let go of his chin so he could nod in response. "I paid good money to hurt you."

I trailed the bloody pliers along his skin, making him shudder in disgust. "P...please..."

"Please what?" I closed the pliers around the bud of his right nipple. "Please don't hurt you?" I let the jaws dig into it, then yanked it back, tearing it away from his skin. I chuckled as he screamed once more, his body thrashing against his restraints. I popped the nipple in my mouth, swallowing it quickly. "You taste good little one." I smirked at him, then went to set the pliers aside and replace it with a knife. "Now, I'm going to take some of your pretty artwork, then I'll fuck your pretty boy ass."

His face turned pale and I set the knife down. "Actually though... I'm too hard now, so let's save the tattoo removal for later hmm?" He seemed to sigh with relief at my words, as if that meant I'd be merciful with him. I moved to the wall, pressing a button to lower his chained form, until he was on his knees on the floor. Perfect height. I went back to his body and kicked his legs apart, shackling his pale ankles to the floor. "There we go, that's so much better."

I unzipped my fly slowly and pulled my cock out once I was able too. I moved infront of the boy, watching as his blood-splattered chest heaved with every breath. "Now boy, you'll get my cock all nice and wet. You'll just use your tongue for this so that means no sucking. If you try and bite me I'll start hacking things off, understand?" He nodded silently and extended his pink tongue, lapping at the sides and head of my thick length. I made sure to watch him as my dick became shiny with his saliva. I made soft moans at the feeling of his tongue tracing over my veins, pulling away from him once I was satisfied I was ready.

"That's enough." I moved away from his eager mouth and circled back behind him. I held open the cheeks of his ass, aiming my arousal for his pucked entrance. I pressed the head of my cock against his hole, then pulled back and rammed inside his tight heat. He wasn't a virgin, I could tell by how his ass squeezed around me. Though I was probably the biggest his slutty ass ever had. He was moaning as I filled him but I didn't stop. I sped up my thrusts, digging my nails into his peach of an ass as I did so. I could tell who he was from how he felt around me. He was a student that was doing nothing and he'd came here with his friends just to get away. He was a little goth boy, an outcast that no one liked and they probably only bought him out of pity. Or his ass, or for drugs that he had access to. The amount of tattoos he had indicated he had a lot of money to use on such things. I thrust deep inside him and I knew I must be hitting his spot as I did so but I didn't care that he was getting pleasure. I reached beneath him and felt his erect length as my own pistoned in and out of him. I growled in his ear and slapped his hard dick, thrusting inside him roughly. "Such a slut, getting fucked by a strange man gets you all hard." I bit roughly on his skin, feeling his ass tear around me and his blood start to lubricate my shaft.

He was screaming again from the pain and that just made me increase my speed within his tight, bloody passage. Already I was close to filling his torn asshole. I gripped onto his sharp hips, digging my nails into his soft, flawless skin. I was sure if he hadn't come here and been kidnapped he'd have ended up being raped and killed anyway. Or maybe he'd have ended up as someone's little slave boy. I considered myself lucky to be pounding his tight ass. I pressed my body against him, biting harder at his throat as I approached orgasm. I tasted his blood as my teeth pierced his skin and drank deeply on the coppery fluid. His ass squeezed tightly around my blood-coated cock, which was enough to send me over the edge. I spurted deep inside him making hm howl as my seed hit his wounds.

As I pulled out of his broken passage, I took a few moments to compose myself. I panted softly while I tucked my cock back in my pants and zipped them back up, blood and semen covering the crotch of them. "Tell me little one, do you know what a pear of anguish is?" I moved slowly away from his body, towards one of the tables filled with torture equipment.

"N... no..." The word came out as a broken sob and I doubted he'd fully appreciate the explaination I was going to give him.

"It was a torture device in the Middle Ages." I picked up the object and ran my fingers over the ridges that covered it's surface. It was shaped roughly like a pear, as the name implied, and it was roughly about the size of my length. At the top of it was a screw, which when turned would cause him tremendous pain. I went back to him and pushed it into his ass slowly, his body only trembling and his lips letting out a gasp as the cold metal filled him. "It was used both to torture people and as part of their punishment." I held the device fully inside him and trailed my fingers of my other hand along his back. "You see, the pear was pushed into one of three holes and then this was done." I twisted the screw on the end slowly, letting the pear open up inside him slightly causing him to gasp again. "You feel that? That's the pear's outer shell expanding. The more I turn this screw, the more it expands and the wider your damaged asshole becomes." I twisted it again and he screamed this time. Clearly it was damaging him more now as blood started to pour from his entrance.

"Please... stop..."

"Why should I? You should be grateful I'm using this pear slut. Custom ones don't open up like this one, but send out spikes instead. Imagine how painful that would be. Some do both." I kept working the screw as I spoke and every twist made him scream more. I wasn't sure he was paying much attantion to my words, but I didn't care. "There's worse things I could shove up your ass then this, but there's not too many." I growled as I tried to twist the screw, but it was already filling him to it's maximum. "Sadly, this is the most it will go." I let go of it, knowing that it was stuck fast now and circled his body to gaze at his fearful face. His cheeks were covered in trails of tears, his brow was slick with sweat and his chin shone with his own saliva. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, and his make-up was now smeared.

"Now, it's time for me to do some art collecting." I smiled at him and licked his salty tears from his cheeks, tracing my fingertips along the inked skin of his arms. I looked at both his arms, trying to decide which tattoos interested me most. his left arm seemed to be just a random jumble. A toy soldier, a skull and cross bones, a spider.... two caught my eye though. The first was a star with clouds and the second was the writing from the ring from Lord Of The Rings that was on his wrist. The chains almost concealled that one, but I managed to see it between the links. i decided that taking that would be the last thing to do to little Billy. His right arm, however, was much simpler. It had a gorgeous sleeve from Nightmare Before Christmas and it looked amazing. I knew I had to have it. It would look so beautiful framed on my living room wall.

I left him for a few moments and returned with a scapel, smiling down at him. "Don't worry little one, it'll all be over soon. I promise." I dug the scapel blade into his right arm, slowly and steadily cutting down the sleeve, stopping every so often when he struggled so as not to ruin the entire thing. I very nearly decapitated Jack when he trembled in pain. Once I'd cut down the whole length of the tattoo, I rotated the scapel 90 degrees and cut around the tattoo's base. I repeated the action at the other end of it, blood drooling from his wounds to cover both the design and the rest of his arm. I slid the blade along the first incision, pushing it beneath his skin to carefully remove it from the muscle that held it to his body. I only moved carefully so as not to ruin the tattoo, and I had no concern for how many of his blood vessels I severed. My hands were covered in blood as I used my other one to peel the skin from his flesh. It took a good fifteen minutes from the first incision to the fully removing the artwork from his arm. Blood drooled from the now exposed muscle of his arm and I stabbed the scapel into the flesh, making him scream in pain as I carried the skin to the room's only empty table, setting it on top of it carefully. I smiled as blood pooled around it, licking my lips as it stained the surface.

"Please... please..." He was repeating over and over, and I wondered what he was begging for. if it was for me to release him or for me to put him out of his misery. I decided it was the latter.

I pulled the scapel from his arm, then knealt down in front of him. "Do you want this to be over beautiful? Do you?" He nodded, whimpering in obvious pain from his torment. "Ok, I'll end it for you in five minutes." It would be easier to remove the other tattoos from his corpse then it was from his squirming, living body. I hacked his genitals off in one quick motion, a scream tearing itself from his throat, although it was much weaker then the others. I smiled at him, bringing his soft sac to my lips, taking a bite out of the flesh. I could taste his seed as I chewed on his tender balls, making sure he was watching. The balls were always the best meat of a boy like him. The cock was a close second. However, I feared he would pass out from blood loss before I got to devour his boyhood in front of him, so I choose instead to snuff out his life. "It's been a pleasure." I smirked at him as I stabbed him in the heart.

I was sure I heard him breathe out a 'thank you' just before his body went completely limp.


I left the room an hour later, with a belly full of his meat. I'd spent my time eating his flesh, fucking his sweet dead throat and removing his other two tattoos. My whole black and silver outfit was now stained red as I headed back to the dressing room, where I found Ray already there. "An excellent show as always Bob." His face was filled by his toothy grin and I knew he'd watched me. I'd expected as much. "I missed what you did to his corpse though, as I had to pick up clients." He sighed softly and I knew he was genuinely saddened by missing my actions. "Still, I can always watch the dvd."

"Who's the clients?" I asked as I slowly unbuttoned the jacket, watching him closely.

"I can only tell you they're twins here to kill that Patrick kid." He nodded slightly, his fro jerking about as it always did.

"Twins eh?" I licked my lips at the thought of twin killers, pulling the jacket off. "I want this kept for me the next time I come, I don't want anyone else using it."

Ray nodded again slightly, making a mental note of it as he gazed at my body. He was such a pervert. "You were the first to wear it."

"Good." I smiled at him, undoing my pants slowly to tease him. "There's three tattoos in there. The Nightmare one's mine. The other two are my gifts to you." he blushed, clearly touched by my gesture. I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and whispered against his skin as my pants dropped to the floor. "You can thank me later." I smacked him on the ass, then stepped out of the pants and changed into my regular clothes. I knew he'd be at the hotel in a few hours, with his head between my legs again, although this time his tongue would be buried between my ass cheeks before it circled my cock.
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