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You must go only where your heart leads

My body seems to not understand the concept of sleep. I've had an hour's sleep last night and one hour before that.

I seem to think I had two dreams while I was asleep though, and they've gotten sorta crossed in my head. One was Tomo tied up with Shannon and Jared over him and the other was similar but with Ian on the floor with the rest of Lostprophets above him. Both times all are naked. I think there was porn involved. Ok, I'm mostly certain there was but I dunno what exactly. I've odd dreams.

Damn, now I want Lostprophets porn. Stupid dreams (and lack of said porn).

I hate how AOL seems to think it's fun to label some mail as junk when it's not.

I'm gonna be going to take Resident Evil back once the mail's here. I get the feeling something'll come today. I'll be getting the face Of Boe figure from Argos with the money i get back. Unless it's exchange for something instore only.

My unicorn needs a name. I think I'll go with Mittens. Or maybe Padge.

Today (and to an extent tomorrow too) I'll be moving things about in here. Basically that translates as putting the dvds on piles on the shelf and moving the cds on the floor. I'd rearrange my dvd shelves, but since it's all being moved around causa stupid mum I figure I leave it till the move around. If I do it now they'd only just fall off anyway. I guess I should take my room's posters down but I'm gonna leave it awhile. This all means they'll be reorganised and filtered which is good. The few Blue ones still up (in hard to reach places), Busted and Mcfly ones will be gone so it'll be just current bands I like, like it used to be.

Yes, I ramble pointlessly.

Once everything's a bit more settled I'll have to do the Zelda run like I was gonna. Basically I've planned to do the 4 main Zelda console games for awhile (Ocarina, Majora, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess) cause I haven't been on them in a bit. Generally I play Ocarina or Majora once a year cause it keeps me sharp. Plus Link's hot (and Sheik and Kafei...).

Again, I ramble.

I hate that my writing skills seem to pick and choose days to be really good or really shit. Saturday I was on a roll and I really shouldn't have stopped writing then. Ever since all I've wrote is a coupla lines. Bah. Maybe today'll be a good day. I hope so. I'll have a go soon.

I'll probably end up watching one of the Doctor Who's later. Or Shrek 2, cause I saw Shrek last night. Yeah, I'll watch Shrek 2 today. Maybe I'll finally watch the Panic! dvd all the way through and look at The Used one too.

I wish we had a Hot Topic here.

Cookiees go to whoever knows where my subject quote's from.
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