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In your own way

Today's turned out to be an annoying day due to my complete and utter lack of self-control. Sigh.

Job centre went ok for once, causa the sick note and I got some stuff cause I got a bit of inheritance.

Things I got:
*Wii remote charger
*This month's Star Wars comic (yay for Infinites and pocketmodel freeness)
*This months Star Wars magazine
*Rock Sound
*NGamer (cause Manhunt 2 interests me)
*Prostrate cancer pin
*Lego Star Wars drodis set
*Luke with moisture vaporator
*Cuddly unicorn (YAY!)
*The Grudge 2 (Japanese)
*Ally Mcbeal Season 1
*Teachers Series 2
*Jelly beans
*Shrek 1 and 2
*Doctor Who Volume 2 and 3 from series one (yay Captain Jack!)
*Doctor Who Series 2 Volume 4 (now I've most of series two, except one of the best eps New Earth)
*Doctor Who Series 3 Volume 2 (yay Dalek Sec!)

Finally, there's the problem one. Resident Evil 4. I got it cause it was £24:73. Problem is I sent babu home with a cheque to write out to get it and she ordered it yesterday. Now, me beign stupid didn't think she'd order it tll tonight, hence why I got it. Now I've gotta go back and take it back for no good reason. Sigh. It's gonna kill me having it there unable to go on it. Sigh. Still, i guess it mans I can check all the dvds are ok.

I knew I shoulda got the Rabbids like I was gonna.

I'm not sure when I'll go to take it back. Maybe tomorrow if I feel like going out. I dunno what I'd do with the money I'll get back cause it's too little for Rabbids. Maybe I'll get the Face Of Boe.
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