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In light, in darkness

I changed three icons last night. I always hate changing icons cause I never know which to delete. I prefer how GJ has 2000 icons for free. But then again, there's not active at all.

I wrote about a page last night and only just got to the main part of the fic. Sigh. I'd have done more to it cause I was feeling creative last night, but my eyes failed me.

Cause I fell asleep I missed the last Pokemon chronicles of disc 2, so I have to watch it again today. I like Ash's mum, she amuses me.

Teenagers came this morning. Still, I'd prefer if they'd done a different single. Like Sleep or Mama or something. Thanks babu < 3

It turns out we'll probably end up living here. So the first week of mum's holiday (cause she works at a playgroup she gets the school holidays off) will be spent moving my stuff into her slightly-bigger room and vise-versa. Joy.

Yay for Ilan being Lostprophets drummer still. Seems they're keeping him after all. I like him cause he reminds me of a certain guitarist, guess which.

See how cute and cuddly he is?
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