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I'll tear my heart out, before I get out

Whenever I go and see mum it's always cheery. Sadly, sarcasm doesn't translate well on the interwebs.

Mum cries a lot now and that makes me feel worse. She also makes me paranoid I have/will get soon cancer and that she'll be dying/going like nan soon. It still isn't sorted about the house, which I can't stand because it's just so... annoying. She also brings up that she's gotta go to nan's home and sign paper's so they do nothing if anything happens.

It's scary how soon it'll be before I have no one. My family's only been small and now... well now it's that much smaller.

Every time I go over there I get less and less sure I do wanna be there. I mean, yeah it's a house and it's been in the family for 50+ years now, but it just feels so... empty now. I dunno.

My uncle's a bastard who wants everything he can get his hands on. Once my voice is a bit more better I'm gonna call him and have a go.

Once the doc says I'm better I'll go with mum to the home too. Cause she's been asking for me.

Tomorrow I'll be disappearing for about an hour. Part of that time'll be snuggling pony's.
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