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And everyone's got the fever

I think I must be the only person not madly squealling over Harry Potter. I finished the Pokemon movies last night, so from tonight I'll be on the four Chronicles. Even though I don't much go on them, especially the first one.

I want on Civilization III last night but restarted two times before going off it. Why? Cause after half an hour on each game some dude I'd only just met would go to war with me.

I started a joint fic with babu last night.

I think I'll go absolutely insane if I even read the paring 'Frankie/Gerard' or Frank/Gerard, or Ferard or whatever. Just once I'd like to go a day of looking through my friends list (which is mostly slash comm's) seeing non of it. What's happeend to all the Waycest? Why's there hardly anything with Ray? or Bob? Why's EVERYTHING gotta have Frankie in the pairing?

Bob alone is just as slashy as anyone else. Frankie's jumped on him and climebd all over him (yes I'm rambling about Frankie but I figure I should still include him). He was The Used's sound guy (why's there been NOTHING about that?). Him and Ray seem off in their own world's a lot and often seem close. He sings that Gerard makes his heart burn. And he used to share an appartment with Patrick Stump. Yet for some crazy reason none of this seems to be enough. Even if he ran from behind his drumkit made out and groped Ray, Mikey, Frankie and Gerard would that be enough? I doubt it. I mean he's been on his knees in front of Gerard and that hasn't matter much.

All cause he's not 'pretty' and stuck behind a drumkit unable to do much of anything slashy just because of what he does.

Although Ray doesn't have this problem and he still isn't wrote about. Even though he gets up close with Mikey and Bob. And even though he has big arms and big lips and a big bulge.

Bah. I'm ranting again, but I always will.

I'd rant about how Paul's underappreciated in GC, how there needs to be more Bulelt smut and how Spencer and Ryan are more likely then Ryan/Brendon, but I've run outta steam.

Son of Dork have definately split. Kudos to dave for telling the truth. Though I'm sure some people'll be slapping James.

I'm going off to write now.

Edit: For some reason Jay's new hair amuses me though I'm staring at other places more
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