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Closing the goddamn door

Mum's annoying.

Random fic musing's ahead. But first...



I've wrote a bit to the Hostel fic so that might be the one done soonest. Or the girl!Mikey one. I'm not quite sure yet. I'm trying to see how it goes.

The Hostel fic's also gonna be extended. It was originally just gonna be Bob and his kill but now there'll be two others.

I found another notepad doc to do with What To Do With The Dead, which is good cause it had the general plotline. A lot of it's gonna be changed and altered now though.

Like Mikey was gonna end up as he is now without glassess (causa meeting Alex) but cause I've decided he won't be in it, he's keeping them to seem non-threatening. Other things'll be slimmed down to make it shorter. Also gotta decide definately on the end. Originally the whole fic was gonna be roughly 24 parts. I'm gonna try and keep it around that sorta length.

I'm working on a list like the one I posted earlier which is basically a new, editted one.

So far all of Madina's been added as maybe's, Miyavi and Alex have been taken out, Dougie's been left in, as has Brendon (cause I really do wanna kill him, is that wrong?). Paul's been added to the maybe's, as has Patrick and Sean. Bob and Omar are the only definates so far.

Once all that's been done I can write more to it. I hope people haven't lost too much interest but with 6 people voting for me to continue it in the poll it seems people haven't. I should have some done next week hopefully.
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