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Isn't that some sort of an oxymoron?

I hate being woke up by drilling. Hello downstairs, I'm sick I don't wanna be woke up by a fucking drill. Sigh.

Going through Kerrang makes me wah. Is there some sort of law that means gigs have to be close together? Around Decaydance there's two gigs that I'd consider going to. There's a Bullet one a few days before it, but it means going down south early. Then there's +44 which is a tour with a date up here, but that date's the day before Decaydance so it'd mean going to the london one. I'd rather see Bullet though.

Also there's the free Madina gig. Although chances of getting a ticket's slim, I'm gonna do it anyway. Well, try. I don't get why you need to put a mobile number instead of a home one. Plus I love how at the gig thing towards the back there's Madina and Star Wars on the same page < 3. Matthew really does seem to be the main talker of the band. Of course, they love us over here, cause everyone does for some mad reason.

There's one good post and that's of Bring Me The Horizon. Yeah, Oli may or may not be a twat, but he's an attractive twat.

Next week there's stuff about new must hear albums (of which half of them I'll hear, wiht two being definate buys for me) and a Dir En Grey poster, which really surprises me.

I did watch Pokemon 4 Ever last night. I still say Sammy and Ash did it. Even despite who he ends up being.

I hate that it's summer and yet it's freezing cold. It really annoys me. I wrote some last night and shall do more today, though if it's cold I'll curl up on the coach.

While looking around on the comp I found this list behind the cut. The list's of who was gonna be in What To Do With the Dead.

*Alex Westaway
*Bob Bryar
*Charlie Simpson
*Harry Judd
*Jade Puget
*Jared Leto
*Omar Abidi
*Simon Amstell

*Benji/Joel Madden
*Bert Mccracken
*Billy Martin
*Brendon Urie
*Dan Haigh
*Danny Hall/Jones
*Dougie Poynter
*Frankie Iero
*Ilan Rubin
*James Bourne
*Matt Heafy/Tuck/Willis
*Oli Sykes
*Quinn Allman
*Pete Wentz
*Sonny Moore
*Spencer Smith
*Steve Rushton
*Emo!Tom Fletcher
*Travis Barker

Course, now I'm going back to it it's gonna get chanegd and some of those people will get taken off and other's shall be added. Still, I'm not working on that yet so it doesn't matter right now.

Madina's video is online here. Matthew's all adorable and hyper-bouncy. They're on a float thing for some reason though with perdy lattern thingies.
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