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I don't usually embed vids, but this was too good. It's from Madina Lake's AOL session's, which I've been waiting for for days cause it's only accessable to Americans from AOL itself arses. This isn't the actual session itself (which i haven't watched yet) this is the pre-show yoga thing.

Things I've learned from that:
*Matthew is totally in charge (which is surprising as he's not the singer, his twin is)
*Matthew is a top cause of his in-chargeness (and the others respect that enough to be quiet)
*Mateo's useless at yoga
*They can all get on all four's perfectly fine
*Matthew has names for everything
*Matthew has an adorable voice
*Yoga=flexibility=more sex positions

In other things MCR are gonna go off to do their next album after Revolution (although Mikey's return isn't mentioned one way or the other). Naps are nice. And mum's annoying, especially with her whole 'oh you shouldn't be on your own come here so I can keep an eye on you'. Why should I go over there? I'm sick damnit and she doesn't offer to even come over and even look in on me.

Family Guy now.
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