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Wake up, think fast

I had a dream last night. All I can remember about it is Bob was in it. I think Bert might've been in it too, though I'm less sure about that.

I'm back from the doc's and it was eh. I now feel dizzy and more light headed. I'd say it was causa the blood test, but this all started as I was going there. Odd:/

On the way there I passed the adorable ickle pony's of love. There's nine of there and two are black but the rest are light brown. They're all so adorable and tiny, cause they're not even as tall as the hedge < 3

I hate how whenever you have a thing at the doc's you're stuck waiting for until about half an hour after the actual appointment time. Sigh. I spent the time listening to MCR. And skipping Cancer. I get too emotional around it to listen to it now. When I first heard it I didn't cry and I went for months with it doing nothing emotionally to me (unlike everyone else, so I seemed like a robot) but since grandad's cancer came back it has...

Ah I'm going off track.

I went to Blockbuster, but the door was locked for some reason so I couldn't get in. Bah. I went to the Somerfield though and got cheese strings and pasta tubs. Three tuna and one cheese. I went in the co-op and got some Sprite and cookiees.

Tomorrow I'll waddle there for Kerrang! and spend the rest of the day in bed and on here.

Later I'll watch Pokemon 4Ever, cause I've watched a Pokemon movie a day for the last three days so... And I'll watch Family Guy.

Now, though, I'm gonnna curl up on the coach and watch House.
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