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When the sun goes down

I hate this sickness, cause now I'm coughing loads and I hate coughing. Especially when it's near constant. I also hate mum for calling and asking questions, which hurts my already-bad voice more.

Why can't I seem to concentrate on fics I'm meant to do? Right now I have 16 open, so I'm not gonna open or start anymore until they're done. Or at least a part for each is. And yes I have said that before.

For anyone that's not read my stuff before (the new people) it basically fits into two categories. The first is smut with two (or more) guys fucking and other stuff. Sometimes there's bondage and/or toys. The second is where a guy ends up with his insides on the outside. In other words gory killing. Sometimes I'll do angst or fluff, but that's not as often as the other two.

Fic archive is here

Writing is very important to more as it's an outlet for my creativity. So when it gets knocked I get really pissed off. This happened a few months back when I joined fuckyou_mcr and saw all the bad things they had to say about me. That, coupled with personal stuff that was happening at the time, made me stop writing altogether. Now I'm back to writing, albeit sporadically.

A certain picture's been floating around which has caused me to start to rewrite the Mikey/girl!Mikey fic I've got.

Harry's new hair is uttery shit.

Dead! - Frankie Iero/Spencer Smith - Zombie porn (yes I know this has been on the cards for awhile but still...)
Deaf And Dumb (Part 2) - Frankie Iero/Pete Wentz - Where Frankie's a little deaf boy and Pete takes advantage
Guys Like Us In Prison - Bob Bryar/Oli Sykes - Prison rape
Hungry Eyes (Part 3) - Bob Bryar/Ray Toro - Where Ray's a hooker and Bob buys him for a night...
Mama - Gerard Way/Mikey Way/Omar Abidi - based on a dream I had ages ago, with male lactation
My Body Is Your Body (Part 3) - Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith - Ryan tortures hooker!Spencer
Obsession (Part 2) - Bob Bryar/Gerard Way, Bob/others - Set on the Warped Tour where Bob meets MCR
Pandora (Part 2) - Matthew Leone/Sean Smith, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone, Matthew Leone/Patrick Stump - Matthew's favourite dancer finally comes on
Piggy - Gerard Way/Mikey Way - Mikey lusts after his brother and finally has his chance to act on it...
What To Do With The Dead (Part 8) - Mikey Way/Ryan Ross - Mikey has fun with Ryan

Untitled - Bob Bryar/Sawa - Het porn
Untitled - Bob Bryar/Undecided - Fic based on Hostel
Untitled - Frankie Iero/Billy Martin/Paul Thomas - Threesome smut
Untitled - Gerard Way/Kazuo Kiriyama - Goryness
Untitled - Matthew Leone/Jeff Angel
Untitled - Mikey Way/girl!Mikey
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