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Pairing: Gerard/Mikey, Gerard/Bob
POV: Gerard
Rating: PG-13
Sumamry: gerard gets a phone call after T In The Park
Notes: This is one of those in-the-moment kinda fics that you just get the idea for and write. This wasn't planned of anything really. I got the idea over an hour ago and just... went with it. It functions as a sequel to Pretty People Never Lie and it's set last night (largely due to the T In The Park rip). This probably won't get posted outside here and my writing journal.
Dedications: antontobias86 and the_glory_days I hope you get out of that slump< 3

Inside my mind was screaming 'thank fuck' when the producer came and said I was need elsewhere. If I had to sit beside that two faced bitch for a moment longer I'd have punched her in the face. Or gotten Bob to do it, he was better with the punching then I was. A phone was waved in front of my face, breaking me from my thoughts. "This why you wanted me? A call?" He nodded and handed me the phone before going off gods knows where. I sighed and moved the phone to my head. "Hello?"

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

I blinked at the obviously rage-filled voice. It took a few seconds to realise who it was. "Mikey?"

"Why the hell did you have to draw attention to that fucking tear? I'm sure people had already noticed it, it's big enough."

Several questions ran through my mind all at once, like how the hell he knew about it when it had only just been broadcast. Instead of asking that I settled on the first one that had come to mind. "Mikey, why does it matter?"

"It matters because I know how you get those kinds of tears Gerard. So tell me, who was he."

"Mikey... baby I don't..."

"I have Ian on speed dial you know. I'm sure he knows." I sighed to myself again, rolling my eyes. He was, of course, implying that I'd done something with Ian. Mostly likely that logic was based on the fact that he was here and we'd had sex twice. Even though the second time had involved Mikey, some rope and several things that vibrated.

"I know what you're thinking baby and I haven't done anything with him."

"Then who?" I gulped at his tone, my pale skin sweating. This was the third angry call I'd had from him in the past month, though the other two times had been induced by Frank. The first was when I'd removed the ring. This was all because little Frankie had done his research and found out that they associated it with some bitch the fans didn't seem to like. I could still see the smirk on his face as he told me about it and how it would probably be for the best if I removed it. When I didn't want to he just pointed me to the computer and told me to do some reading.

The ring was off within the hour.

"No one..." The second time was Download. He called the day after the gig, while we were on the bus. Frankie sat and watched me, the same self-satisfied smirk on his face again. I had to calm Mikey down, assure him it was all Frankie's fault and generally just make sure he didn't go crazier. Every second of that call I was aware of how Frankie was enjoying every second of our conversation. Although he convieniently disappeared before it ended.

"Don't lie to me." His voice was clamer now, softer. In a lot of ways his voice like that was scarier than his enraged yelling. "Who is he Gerard? I know it's a he because you've not been with a girl since that one time at art college. I know it's not Ray because you were still able to stand. So that leaves Cortez, Worm, Frank, Bob, Brian and whoever else is there. So who is it?"

"It's not Frank..." Shit, shit, shit, shit. Why did I have to say it like that?

"Who is he then?" His voice was still so calm, so monotone.

I knew I couldn't keep it away him, he'd get it out of me eventually. And if I somehow manged to keep up the lie and convince him otherwise, then Frankie would call him in a heartbeat. "Ok Mikey... it's Bob." I mentally braced myself for his next words.

"Bob? Bob? As in Bob that's pined for you ever since you first met? As in Bob that's filled a whole journal with song lyrics about you? As in our drummer Bob, who looks like a fucking caveman?" With each sentence his voice rose just a little, until he was now close to yelling again. "Of all the guys you could possibly have sex with you have to do it with the one person that loves you as much as I do." I heard Mikey sigh softly. "I'm in Ireland Gerard, I wanted to surprise you after the show tomorrow. I'm at the usual place. Come before the show. I think we need to talk. About us."

And then he hung up, leaving me to fall against the wall. Had being in Bob's bed for the past few months fucked everything up with us? I think so.
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