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Without actually drowning

To anyone in the uk with digital tv, there's MCR at T In The Park on BBC 3 from 10:30-12:30 tonight. It's not all gonna be MCR, there's gonna be The Killers too but MCR should be in it enough to make watching it be worthwile. Except for that awful Laverne woman presenting.

My new glasses are odd. They hurt my eyes and feel a tad too tight.

I need three guys for a fic I'm working on. So could people comment with three. Not Gerard, Mikey, Ray or Bob though. Or Shannon. (Or any boy that looks strong.)

Off to lay down and wait for MCR to come on. I like laying down.

Anyone wanna do me some smuty slash? pretty please, I am sick after all.

Edit: Well they were on first which I wasn't expecting. Gerard's so very pale, like he's sick of something. It's good that during the performances of Teenagers and Helena there's been more focus on Ray and Bob then at download. Though Bob's sudden huge amount of facial hair scares me. Stubble is good Mr Bryar, no stubble is bad.

Oh and for all the new people to fill in:
Fav bands:
Fav pairings:
Fav hot guys:
Fav films:
Any other random facts:
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