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Let the bodies hit the floor

I have that Drowning Pool song in my head, although only that line for some reason. I blame a fic I read ages ago when a killer always played that song while he killed. Why can't I remember anything else about it? Except that he killed Billy and the twins.

My medicine's ok. Although it's white, so whenever I look at it I think it's something else.

It's scary how few boys are in the MCR fandom. 13 boys and 487 girls.

A lot of people think Mikey might be leaving. I'm undecided now.

The Hits playing good songs=win. Lostprophets, Blink and FOB all within an hour. I wish they could play that kinda music all the time instead of the annoying dance and rap stuff. Ugh. Although I do want them to just play Madina's video already. Yay for a mini-preview though. Yay for GC!

I'm gonna watch the later half of the Live Earth thing. Cause it's got AFI and FOB, but our one hasn't got anyone much good.

I'm glad I finally finished something last night. I hate that finishing fic's become so sporadic for me now. I hope to do another one tomorrow.

Visit my last.fm profile and comment on this post asking me about 5 artists you've never heard of, and I'll tell you about them. Or if you have heard of them, just ask some kind of question about them. Then post this in your journal. You should do this too, if you're bored like I am.

I should probably do an info thing soon cause of all the new people.


Ahh I love Floofeh Jay
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