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Pairing: wiL Francis/Matt Tuck
POV: wiL
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sex in a closet. Set during the Kerrang XXV tour last year.
Inspired by wiL's quote: "We all get on really well and I've slept with all of them! the only band we haven't slept with is Bullet and all I'm saying is Matt Tuck better watch his ass!"
Notes: This has been an unfinished fic I've had lying around for over a year. I started it when the tour started but just never finished it until now. "Ffyc mau twll tin" is Welsh for fuck my arsehole
Dedications: antontobias86

I watched him perform from the sidelines, working the crowd into a frenzy. Out of the four groups performing, it was his that got the crowd the most worked up. It was obvious to me why. Out here his was the most famous of all of us, and I wouldn't be surprised if it was his band that got most of the crowd gathered here.

The way he sung, the way he moved, it was his energy that the crowd picked up on and reacted to. It's what made the crowd jump and scream. It's what gave the guys erections and made the girls wet. He definately had that effect on me.

His sweat drenched hair swung around his face as he played and sang, never moving too far from the mike stand in front of him. I watched him, completely entranced by him. It was all about him. From where I was standing I got a perfect view of his denim-clad ass. I ran my tongue over my lips as I stared at it, his movements making it wiggle slightly, an action which both me and my cock appreciated greatly. I gave my crotch a gentle squeeze, hoping that would suffice until i was backstage where I could jerk off. Or stuff my cock down someone's throat, depending weather or not I found someone on the way to my room.

I awoken from my thoughts by him yelling his thank you's to the crowd, allowing his band mates to do the same, the crowd screaming in reaction to his and, indeed, their words. They then started to leave the stage and I took that as my cue to leave as well. I wasn't sure if he'd appreciate me watching him with a clear hard on in my pants.

As I moved I pondered looking for JT, Nick or one of the others. After all, there were fourteen other guys back here, I'm sure one of them could help me with my problem.

"What's the rush?" I froze at the sound of the familiar accent and instantly I knew it was him. My breath caught in my throat, before I could answer him, so I just stopped moving. "I knew you were watching us tonight, what did you think of our performance?" I felt one of his arms wrap around my waist, his hand rubbing my bulge. "I see you enjoyed it." I let out a soft moan at his touch, resisting the urge to start humping his hand. "I hope I was the one you were thinking of." I nodded, but to be honest I didn't think it would have mattered if I had or hadn't as his hand squeezed my length through my pants. "Wanna go somewhere a bit more... private?"

"Yes..." I replied as my voice finally returned to me.

I felt his tongue on my ear, giving it a quick lick before he purred down it. "Good. Any suggestions?"

I thought for a moment. There was always our rooms, or maybe one of the store closets that these places had. I wondered if you could get under the stage here, like I'd done with Evan a few nights ago. Then I felt his hardness rub against my ass and it became hard to concentrate. "One of our rooms... or... maybe a closet... whichever we get to first.."

Although I couldn't see his face, I had a feeling he was smirking at my reactions. "Lead on." His hand left my groin and he used his other to give me a push to start moving. It took a few seconds, but I eventually started walking, my eyes scanning the doors I passed and my ears listening to see if there was any sounds coming from inside. The first three we passed all had sounds of life inside, but only one had a clear conversation going on within. The fourth room, which thankfully was mine, was soundless. I stopped outside it, fumbling with the door handle to try and open it. It took me a few tries before I could grip it properly, then when I pushed it it wouldn't budge. I heard him chuckle from behind me, his body pressed against mine again. "Seems locked."

I felt myself blush as I slid a hand into my pocket, searching for a key which I knew was there. I pulled it out, sliding it into the lock and turning it, pushing the door open. No sooner was it open then I was forcibly pushed inside, and, with a swift kick from him, the door was shut again. His lips crashed on mine and I felt his tongue pushing against my lips, trying to force them open, which I willingly obliged. His tongue danced around mine and I felt his hips press against me. After what seemed like a lifetime, but was probably only a few minutes, he pulled back, panting slightly for air. Although it was dark I could see there was a glint in his eye, but I wasn't quite sure what that meant. "So wiL, how are we going to do this?" His tongue brushed over his lips wetting them slightly. "Are you a top, or a bottom?"

"Well..." I started, trying to think of the best way to put it. Really it depended who I was with. I could be flexible, it all depended on what the other guy was. Mostly I was a top, though if he was one of those guys that just had to top, I spread my elgs or got on my knees for him. I really did want to plough Matt's tight Welsh ass though. I gazed into his eyes, running a hand over his chest. "Depends on you."

"Good." He grinned and I felt his hard cock press against my thigh. His hands unbuttoned my shirt slowly, his fingers stroking my tattooed chest as it was revealed. He pinched my nipples lightly, licking his lips as he did so. As he returned his hands to finishing the task of removing my shirt, he bent down slightly to suckle on my right bud. When he pushed my shirt off my shoulders he pulled back to gaze over my body, his fingers trailing over my inked skin. "I want you to fuck me." The sound of his voice made me shiver slightly. There was something about his accent that was undescribably sexy. Maybe it was because I'd never heard anything like it before.

I smirked and licked my lips, combing my fingers through his long, dark hair. "You should beg for it." I cupped his chin, leaned in close and snaked my tongue over his lower lip. "While you strip and show me that pretty Welsh ass of yours."

He nodded and pulled away slightly, sucking on his lower lip. "Please wiL, pound your huge cock into my tight arse." His fingertips ghosted over my bulge as he spoke, causing me to push my hips forward. I assumed arse was British slang for one of his holes, though which I wasn't sure which. I made a mental note to ask him later. "Please." He fell to his knees and leaned in close to my crotch, inhaling my scent. His lips locked around the zipper of my fly and slowly pulled it down. My cock slapped against his face once it was freed and I was again glad that I hadn't worn boxers this tour. His tongue slipped out from between his parted lips and trailed over my stiff dick, making me shiver again in pleasure. I'd always figured he would be a cocksucker. I'd often walk past Bullet's dressing room and hear moans and in my mind it was always him on his knees servicing the others. His lips wrapped around my head and the wet warmth of his mouth soon surrounded the first few inches of my length. His eyes were lidded as he moved down further, suckling on my engorged shaft as it filled his obviously-trained throat. My fingers found their way into his long, dark hair, tugging on the strands as he moved his head up and down my shaft.

I moaned his name as he kept moving at a slow, steady pace, his tongue trailing over the head every time he pulled back and dancing over the underside every time his nose was buried in my pubic hair. After a few minutes, his lips slid down to my base and remained there so my length was fully down his throat. He didn't move, just kept his lips sealed around me as he hummed Tears Don't Fall. "Oh gods..." My eyes closed for amoment at the vibrations he sent through my body, but quickly reopened when I realised how close I was. I gripped onto his hair and pulled onto to gain his attention, speaking in a breathy moan as he looked up at me. "You ha... have to stop. I want to shoot in your ass." He nooded and, almost reluctantly, slowly moved off my saliva coated arousal.

"Mmm your cock tastes so good wiL." He grinned then kissed the head and started pulling the t-shirt he was wearing off his sweaty body. As he stood up to undo his own fly, I couldn't help but reach out and caress his slick skin. He was nowhere near as tattooed as I was, having only one on his left arm and no piercings below his neck that I could see. However, both his ear lobes were pierced with rings and he had a stud in his chin surrounded by stubble. As he pushed his pants down he planted his lips back on mine, pushing his tongue into my mouth so I could taste him. Instead of tasting like he did before, of alcohol and cigarettes, he tasted now more of precum and cock. I barely heard his jeans fall to the floor as his tongue danced with mine again, his arms snaking around my waist to push my own pants down. I parted my legs slightly so they'd fall easier, my own hands trailing down over his back, my fingertips tracing along his spine down to the cleft of his ass.

He pulled away from my lips, but not my body as he panted for breath. "Do you want to prep me?" He rocked his hips back against my palm as my fingers pushed between his parted cheeks. As I opened my mouth to ask about lube, he cut me off, seeming to anticipate my question. "No need for it. Finger me dry." I went to speak again, but he just smiled and licked my cheek. "It'll be alright, I've done it before." Satisfied with what he said I ran my fingers along his cleft until they found his puckered entrance. He made soft purring noises as I circled the ring with two of my fingers, gasping when I pushed the tip of my middle finger inside him. He gripped onto my shoulders, kissing me roughly as I pushed more of the digit inside him. I knew from experience that the quicker I went the easier it would be for him so as soon as my finger was fully inside his tight heat, I slid it out all the way and thrust it back in with a second. I swallowed his moans as he pressed his body against me, his nails digging into my skin as I parted my fingers inside him. He was sweating profusely as I scissored, which didn't exactly help as it just made my fingers try to stick to each other. It seemed to do the job however, as I felt him loosen up around my invading fingers. "You... you can stop now." He breathed as he parted from my lips again, his skin now even more shining then it had been when he was onstage. "Fuck me."

I removed my digits from his entrance, then turned him around and pushed him against the wall. One of his hands was bracing himself against the wall, while the left one was on his ass, holding it open for my hardness. "Sure you're ready?" I asked as I approached, stepping out of my pants as I did so.

He nodded and growled, shaking his ass from side to side. "When I tell someone to fuck me it means I'm ready."

I grinned at his reply and pressed against him, using one hand to guide my cock to his hole. I licked at the side of his neck as I thrust inside him, causing him to grunt in slight pain as I filled him. My arms looped around his waist as I started to pull out, so my hands could roam over his soft thighs. My nails dug into his skin as I rammed my shaft back inside him. "Fuck you feel so good."

"Mmmhmmm." He moaned softly as he tipped his head back, his hair sticking to our sweaty bodies as I slammed back into him. I nipped at the nape of his neck, gently caressing his soft sac with one hand. "Wank me wiL..." I blinked, not understanding what he meant at all. I heard a soft sigh pass his lips as he took my free hand in his and wrapped my fingers around his own shaft. "Stroke." I started to jack him off in time to my thrusts, licking at the bitemarks that were forming on his neck. I was sure someone would end up asking him questions, but I was past caring. No doubt he was too. "Fuck! There!" His muscles clenched around me as I brushed his spot. When I pulled out I angled myself better to hit it resulting in cries of pleasure and random mumblings from between his parted lips. "Ffyc mau twll tin!" I had no idea what he said, but that somehow made it hotter to me. I'm sure it was something dirty. I increased both the speed of my hand and cock, making sure to hit his spot as often as possible.

My moans joined his as I realised how close I was already. I was sure I was only this close as he'd chosen to give me head beforehand. I gripped onto his hip, my whole body starting to go stiff as I approached orgasm. I could always try and hold off, but that would mean slowing down my hip movements and I knew my body wouldn't co-operate if I tried such a thing. As if knowing I was close, he wrapped a hand around mine to stroke himself rapidly. That small action was enough to set me off though and I came moaning his name, pumping my seed deep inside his tightness. He screamed my name after the first wave of cum hit his insides and arched forward joining me in bliss. His cream decorated the wall in front of him, then trickled down our joined fingers as his ass milked the rest out of me.

We collapsed in a mass of tangled limbs on the floor. The sounds of ragged breathing filled the air, his tongue trailing over his lips as two of his fingers leisurely scooped out my load. "Maybe you should come on our tour bus." He was careful to put extra emphasis on the word come before suckling the first of his fingers suggestively. "After all, there's still three dates left."

I merely nodded and grinned at him, too breathless to form words. He winked at my reaction and popped his other sticky digit between his lips.
Tags: aiden, bullet for my valentine, fic, matt tuck, matt tuck/wil francis, slash, wil francis
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