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Speed of light

I'm now tired from the stupid walk to the doc's on top of everything. Joy.

However, I've got a sick note and medicine. Apparently he could SEE something was wrong when I opened my mouth. He asked if I smoked and I haven't since grandad died a month ago so I said no. I've gotta go in Tuesday for a blood test.


Chip and PIN is annoying. So is Metal hammer being eh even though it says about Bullet being in it. One three question thing, a live song on the cd I've already got and Matt on the cover was all there was. The only other good thing is wiL with pure white angel wings, also on the cover.

Something else that's annoying is when people won't pack bottles for you. Asses. It's not as if I can ask with my shitty voice is it?

I'm sure I saw Gavin in the Co-Op car park. He's the first guy I ever found attractive and gods if there hadn't been a car window between him and me...

Check out me being one of Madina's top listeners. Speaking of Madina, their video's on The Hits, so I'll call in for it cause I really wanna see it. I'd do it now but that stupid Mcfly thing's on.

I'm gonna eat, then finish the fic and the curl up in bed.
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