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Please attend carefully

It's spread from my throat up into my nose now, so now I'm sneezing on top of having next to no voice.


Least I'm going to the Doc's at 5. Although that's a almost half hour each way.

I couldn't sleep last night so I spent the time laying in bed cause my eyes didn't wanna focus on anything. I think I finally got some sleep at 7ish. Until I was woke by screeching cats that is.

Least I found Denali's albums to download before my eyes went. I still think their song on the Kerrang cd that MCR did is one of the best on it.

I've got hardly any drink until I go out. Joy. Least mum got me pasty things.

Captain Jack/Dalek Sec plotbunnies won't leave me alone. Gah! I think I might have to write it soon.

I'm gonna finish the fic I was meant to do yesterday before I go, then when I get back I'm gonna watch Pokemon. I've got all the film dvds out ready to watch. I don't care what people say, Pokemon is and always will be love.


Edit: Fic'll be up soon ater I get back, cause stupid mum moaning and distracting me. (And making my headache return, double joy).
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