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In the words of Homer Simpson: "I am your god, worship me or fear my wrath!"

First the reason for the subject he he, I feel so proud and appreciated. :D
So now I'm a writer, icon maker and a mood theme maker. lol

Anyway, on to other things. Walk Away will do the rounds later, I think it's the best of the three parts, especially the end (not that I'll say what it is).
Got up and read the paper, and inside there's a pic Anakin in episode 3. I'll scan it in tonight. Oh lord how they're gonna get that into a PG rated film i have no idea.

duncan_james has put me on his friends list, so a readin of the archive will be done later :D he he

Anyway Walk Away part 4 should be started soon.
Oh and I love this Spike icon (made by tralf2001) It's exactly how I feel like :D
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