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A trap?

It took ages to sleep last night. Trouble was my eyes went all fuzzy and I couldn't stay up reading or even looking at the comp screen so I went to bed and just... laid there for well over an hour.

My throat's still sore and voice still gone. If it's still like this tomorrow I'll arrange a doctor's appointment. Somehow. It's kinda hard to make appointment when you can't talk on the phone and when actually going there might make it worse.

It's cold here. Damn ankles.

Fic itinerary (causa the_glory_days did one) only mine's for the just over the next week.

July 5th/6th - Breathless (wiL/Matt) Done 1amish 7th
July 7th - Bob/Sawa
July 8th - Piggy (Gerard/Mikey)
July 10th - Gerard/Kiriyama
July 12th - Frankie/Billy/Paul
July 14th - What To Do WIth the Dead (Mikey/Ryan)

Edit: Due to sickness (and having a few more fics open) the itinerary above is probably useless now.
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