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The sound of drums

Brain, please stop thinking too many things at once. Kindly focus on one.

Feet, please stop being cold.

Rain, please stop.

Mum, stop being annoying and making em tired. Oh and complaing whenever you've here even though you've made a mess now.

I want a pony so bad after seeing them today. Maybe I should lock pick the gate and sneak in for cuddles.

I'm trying to focus and finish the fic I have open before 2am here. That's like, two hours and a half. sometime tomorrow.

It's strange seeing a band on Myspace and saying 'look, I went to school with those people'. I'm curious as to what they sound like as the Myspace player thing seems to hate me right now.

Frankie spanking Gerard is strange. If only in that it means Mikey'll beat him senseless if when he returns. That is if Bob hasn't beat him to it.

Thank you internet for giving me this song. Now I'll be singing it even more... d'oh!

Edit: Ok, I'm sure people know that Spike's gonna be in Torchwood. But apparently he's going to be doing something with one of the guys. Curse him for being vague and non-specific.
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