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Fade away

I didn't manage to get to sleep till around 6 last night. I dunno why, I just wasn't tired I guess. I felt a bit... let's do nothing too. I wrote a little but then just sat and watched Friends.

Today I had an appointment at the opticians, which I almost missed cause I was asleep. Damn comfy bed. My eyes are pretty much good, although one's changed a tiny bit so I'm getting a new pair of glasses.

On the way out I seen somethign adorable though. Up here we have these recylingboxes that we put old newspapers or bottles in. At the one for downstairs, all curled up and looking adorable was Lily <3 She still was when I got back. I wish I knew where my cam was to take a pic.

Speaking of adorable fluffy things, on the way back we passed the field and there was all cute little pony's in it. There's was like, 8 of them and they were all so cute! I just wanted to leap over the fence and smush them.

wiL seems destined to be like Ian and Bullet isn't he? Doing incredibly slashy thinks yet never getting written about. I don't get why, it completely boggles my ickle mind. I mean Ian's licked Oli and been licked by Sean (the latter more then once, I'm sure there's other things too) and there's been nothing. Bullet are always very close looking/having open mouths/groping/drunken nudity on the bus and still nothing. wiL's kissed guys, cuddled them and said he'd do Matt's ass. And nothing. What's wrong with world?

Ok, I'm rambling now.... again. I should really stop that.
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