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The kind of surprise that makes you look up and run

So today was the Job Centre. I ended up losing my temper just a bit at the stupid woman that served me. The whole systems completely stupid. You're only allowed a 14 day sick period, you can't have consequetive ones and if someone dies they give you 7 days off. In seven days, you are supposed to find out the person's dead, mourn, have a funeral for them and bury them then be all happy, normal and work-orientated. Fuck that. Sure, if it was my uncle or cousins I probably would deal with it in that period (or less) but the main people I care about are ones that it would take longer then 7 fucking days to miss.

When I go next I'm gonna ask for incapacity benefit forms to fill out and have ready in case anything happens to nan, cause I ain't going through this again (and I known I'd be much worse fo her).


One of the Anglian Bishop's has blamed the flooding's here as God's judgement for allowing civil partnerships. Ok, I don't know where this guy has been living the rest of his life but (as a country) we have at least one flood a year, often several. This is the reason I don't like organised religion: because the leaders are asses who believe in crap like this.

I'm writing tonight but I'm tired now.

I end on something else entirely.

There's finally been a gay character introduced in the Star Wars books. Now I figured when one would be in it he'd (or she'd) would be just a footnote that didn't have a real part. However this one does have a real part and not only that has a husband and adoptive kid. Plus he's cool cause he's killed Vong (who I hate in principle despite being death and torture obsessed), is a Madalorian and is actually important. Hopefully this means there'll be more soon.

I'm totally ordering the series so far.

The Blackout are going on tour again. Woo!
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