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Your revolution is a joke

Babu's now back home. It's strange being alone in hear with no one to talk to or anything.


I've really gotta read the_glory_days new fic.

I love my MCR calandar. July has a very Waycestual pic.

Tommy scratched my wrist after I went to help him:(

Ok, this is for mikeyface mainly, but it's to teach people about Doctor Who/Torchwood cause I said I'd do one today. A similar Star Wars one's forthcoming in a few days. After this post, I'll finish my game on Civ's, then look for a good wiL pic and finish fic.

This is the Doctor. Well, that's not true exactly. This was the Doctor before he regenerated and became very hot. You see, the Doctor's an alien called a Time Lord and they can regenerate whenever they would be killed. This means they change in appearence (and mannerisms/personality) but essentially they're the same person.

This is the new Doctor. Hot no? He's been the Doctor fror the last two series and shall be for at least the next one too.

Being essentially imortal, the Doctor does get lonely, so he has 'companions'. These are humans he picks up and takes along for the ride (why he hasn't had a alien companion is unclear, but he does love us humans does the Doctor).

The first one of the series was Rose. She's blonde and is... well she can be annoying, but she was alright I guess. She was from London and travelled with the Doctor for the dfirst 2 series. At the end of series two she ended up in a parallel universe and is stuck there indefinately (working for the Torchwood there)

This is Adam, the second one. He's only in it for two episodes and the Doctor dumps him back on Earth after he tries to change history.

This is Captain Jack Harkness. He's not always tied up unfortunately, but just look at him. Unlike the other companions, he's not from Earth or from our time. He's very very sexual. In the first ep he's in, he flirts with both Rose (ew) and an army guy. A few episodes later he kisses the Doctor. He was then left the future after battling the Daleks and 'jumped' back in time where he discoevred he couldn't die. Eventually he runs the Cardiff division of Torchwood (more on that later) and later jumps on the TARDIS and rejoins the Doctor. It's heavily implied that he loves the Doctor, but he doesn't tell him (or kiss him damnit). Although he's offered a chnce to rejoin the Doctor he chooses to stay on Earth.

This is Mickey. He's Rose's 'boyfriend' and ends up joining the Doctor on his journeys for a few episodes. he chooses to fight the Cybermen in parallel Earth as opposed to coming back home.

This is Donna aka the runaway bride. She's only with the Doctor for one episode, the last Christmas special.

This is Martha who was with the Doctor the last series. She's better then Rose cause she's smart and seems more hands-on. She leaves the Doctor sadly, to look after her family after a 'year that never happened'.

This is the TARDIS (which stands for Time And Relative Dimension(s) In Space). It looks like an ordinary phone box (sure a very old one but one nonetheless) but inside it's huge. It's bigger on the inside causa Time Lord science. I cna't explain it so I won't try, but it's the Doctor's spaceship. Oh and it can go through time too.

This is K9 and he used to be the Doctor's robot companion. He's only appeared once, but that's cause he's on Earth with his old friend Sarah-Jane.

This is the big old Face Of Boe. He's been in it three times (though now he's died:( ) and he's just so cool but I dunno why (well I do now.. cause he's Jack). He passed on a secret to the Doctor when he died.

This is Jake from parallel Earth. I had to include him cause... look at the prettyness.

Of course the Doctor isn't without his enemies.

This is a Cyberman. While they are slow and ploding, they are hard to kill. Some also have lasers on their wrists, however others can only kill by direct contact. This allows them to send an electrical charge into their victims which can kill or incapacitate... although they most just kill. They use the word 'Delete' for when they mean kill. They were developed on parallel Earth as a way to keep humans alive without hthe body, however it backfired and created the Cybermen. They have human brains, but they don't have any emotion.

Tis is the Master. Like the Doctor he's a Time Lord, but he's a bit... insane and power mad (he's also hot). He had jack captive and chained up (for sex obviously). He was killed by his human 'wife' after the 'year that never happened' where he enslaved and killed humanity was erased. However he may not be dead.

This is the Doctor's worst enemy, the Dalek. Ok, it looks like a glorified salt shaker (or dustbin) with a whisk and plunger as it's weapons. However it's deadly. A Dalek can kill both humans and Cybermen with one shot. They are protected by a shield that most weapons can't penetrate. They see humans as vermin and believe they must be 'Exterminated'. However they are scared by the Doctor (and vis versa). Now, you may be thinking: I could just run up some stairs and it can't get me, well you're wrong.


This is Dalek Sec, who's perhaps the coolest Dalek ever. I mean, look at him, he's all black and stuff.

He becomes the human!Dalek Sec after an experiment to make Dalek's evolve to survive better. there's something oddly sexual about him, maybe it's th tentacles

However when he starts exhibiting human emotions the other Daleks turn on him (even though he's their leader) and they make him their prisoner (and pet). He tries to help the Doctor, then sacrifices himself to save him.

End of the Doctor part, now onto the Torchwood one.

Torchwood is the adult version of Doctor Who. It's set in Cardiff and the Torchwood Team investigate strange happenings. Kinda like the X-Files only with sex and gayness.

The Team's led by Captain Jack, who commands it in the Doctor's honor.

Owen's the team's doctor. Hes always a bit of an arsehole. Though he's hot, but he's such an arrogant ass.

Toshiko's the team's scientist. She basically geek's out over everything < 3

This is Gwen, she's the newest member of the team. She used to be a cop and is shagging Owen.

Finally there's Ianto. He's Welsh and he serves the coffee. He ends up with Jack.

Ianto hid his girlfriend in the Torchwood base after she had been half-convertered into a Cyberman. Of course she nends up like the others and goes crazy, trying to kill everyone.

As Torchwood's more adult, there's more gayness.

Jack and his namesake make out during the War (after Jack goes back in time)

Jack and Ianto kiss after Jack wakes up from 'death'

And there's lesbianism too. Tosh and an alien called Mary kiss (and have sex but that's not shown).

And that's it, I hope you feel a bit more informed. I'd have added mroe pics but... I'm lazy.

I had a dream about Jack/Dalek!Sec. Maybe I'll fic it. I have an urge to write some form of Doctor fic soonish.

John Barrowman kissing his husband at Gay Pride makes me all fuzzy inside

Woo for Mctoplessness Harry's so checking out Dougie's ass.
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