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Big old face

"The face of Boe they called me"

That was amazing, amazing amazing.

Ok, so I thought the Toclofane would be the Utopia humans and I was right. They did go a bit crazy though, crazy and cannibalistic. The paradox machine was used to keep them in place (otherwise they wouldn't have been able to come through the rift and kill their ancestors).

Now, why would The Master keep Jack all tied up... ;)

Old pet Doctor was odd. woulda been better if it was young Doctor Ickle Doctor was amusing. Well, you do get shorter as you age so...

Everyone says they're going to kill The Master... and then the one that doesn't does. The crazy, crazy girl.

The Doctor says he'll keep The Master as his 'prisoner' in the TARDIS, but the Master doesn't want that. I think it's implyed by the name why. Then he doesn't regenerate so dies.

How did she know what time to get everyone to think 'The Doctor?'

Jack leaves him without even giving him a kiss goodbye because he was thinking about the Torchwood Team. Read as Ianto. Or Owen... or both screwing. Though he does say that he was once a posterboy where he came from... and called the face of Boe. So technically the face was lying about meeting him only three times.

In the end everything's all back to 'normal'. Except The Doctor's alone, some chick has The Master's ring and the Titanic's crashed into the TARDIS. All normal then.
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