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I hate LJ for being down for maintenance, but now it's ok now so yay! I also hate mum waking me up at 8 by calling. Gods she's annoying, but at least she's giving me money for the Decaydance Fest (she hasn't actually given me money for any gig I've been to since before Give It A Name last year) so yay!

We were gonna go to the carnival today but it's far too wet to go.

I haven't done a picspam yet causa LJ being annoying.

Dungeons And Dragons mini's are so perdy.

I broke two of my Pocket Models last night. Oops :[

I've a to-do list over the next week, but some things on it you can help with (ie stuff that's about finding). Mostly stuff to do is to keep me occupied so I don't spend too much time thinking.

The list, in no real order:
*Assign pairings to new keywords
*Find out what Santi means
*Watch/squee over Doctor Who <3
*Get past the evil gold dude on Final Fantasy III
*Find pictures of wiL from Aiden (and Aiden in general)
*Find more Bullet pictures
*Go through old Kerrang's for Muse posters
*Find lyrics
*Kick aol for acting up
*Finish the four fics I have open (Piggy, Breathless [which'll probably be finished first], Bob/Sawa, Gerard/Kiriyama)
*Find good Kiriyama pics
*Watch Battle Royale again
*Do three picspams (Star Wars 101, Doctor Who/Torchwood 101, random band one)
*Watch what I've downloaded from harenchibox
*Find Bob/any member of The Used fic
*Find pics of Bob with The Used (there's bound to be some)
*Watch The Used dvd
*Jobcentre (bah bah bah)
*Walsall to get Resident Evil 4/Pocketmodels/mini's (Thursday)
*Read over and do the next part of What To Do With The Dead
*Open the next lotta fics to do (Hungry Eyes, Obsession, Frankie/Billy/Paul, Dead!, My Body Is Your Body, Pandora)
*Find Paul fic
*Start a new Bob fic (standalone)
*Start at least one keyword fic
*Start Resident Evil 4 (only when 5 fics/parts are done)
*Go back to reading Labyrinth Of Evil
*Watch Bullet's dvd
*Update stupid pod
*Open the last lot of [active] fics to do (The Time Of Our Lives, Cause I See You Lying Next to Me, Pet [perhaps], Guys Like Us In Prison, 5 Dreams, Mama, untitled surgery fic, Mikey/girl!Mikey, Ray/Bob/Mikey dream!fic)
*Go through poll results and take notes

I think that's it, though I mighta missed something. I'm gonna hate tomorrow cause it's gonna be depressing, hence assigning self this long list. Resident Evil 4 coming out so soon means I'll probably not replay Ocarina/Majora/Twilight Princess until later in the year.
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