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Stop it

Kerrang!'s a bit ehish methinks. Everyone misses Mikey, especially Gerard (so why don't you drag him back now?) and there's an ad for the Decaydance Fest on the opposite page of Madina. Omar, get decent hair so i can drool over you again, k? Charlie's the hottest one in the pic. liek he was in Busted

Royal Mail's annoying. Something was meant to come for babu so she got it to be redelivered tomorrow but instead they tried to bring it today. of course, they didn't even put effort into getting anyone to come to the door, so now we have to be up early tomorrow to get it.


Least the Civilization set came on time, so we've been on it all day. Tommy came in from the rain and went in the big amazon box it came in. He was so cute < 3

We're also going to Cannock tomorrow, which is annoying. I don't wanna go, I just wanna sleep.

Friday we're going to Walsall and to see Hostel Part II as well as ordering tickets.

Saturday's the Carnival and Doctor Who.

I bet the evil red dragon on Final Fantasy III. Yay! Now I'm on the surface and cursing the evil things for killing me so easily in the Cave Of Tides.

I have a thing open with the fics to do, but causa the stupid comp wanting to restart every so often I haven't had em open. I'll probably open three later. Probably be Piggy, Bob/Sawa and something else.

Edit: I've decided to open five.
Piggy (Waycest)
Breathless (wiL/Matt Tuck)
What To Do With The Dead (Mikey/Ryan cause I had inspiration, thouh I may use it in another fic)

Once a part to each of them is done (though 4 are standalones) I'll open up:
Hungry Eyes (Ray/Bob)
Obsession (Bob/Gerard)
Dead! (Frankie/Spencer)
My Body Is Your Body

Then do the same again.

I've more keywords to do over time too.
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