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Pretty People Never Lie

Pretty People Never Lie
Pairing: Waycest, Gerard/Bob
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard's
Notes: I got the idea for this at a 30 Seconds gig a few months back and it just developed from there, hence why it's set when Mikey left. Although I started it then, it's taken so long to finish due to all that's happened and block but it's now finally done, although it is quite long.
Dedications: antontobias86, mikeyface and the_glory_days < 33

"I'm with Frank on this one." I glared at the guitarist as the words left his big lips. I tried to decide whether this had really been his decision or if Frankie had got on his knees. There was no way to be completely sure, though I had a feeling it was the second. "Sorry Gee."

Now it all rested on Bob. Good old reliable Bob. He'd take my side, he always did. But as I looked at him, I noticed he was biting his poerced lip and his icy blue eyes were going between me and them as if he had trouble deciding. Suddenly I was afraid. Afraid that he''d go with Frankie. And this time i knew that it wasn't due to Frankie offeing sexual favors. As he spoke he looked straight at me and I could tell that it was hurting him to say what he was going to. "They're right Gerard. I'm sorry, but unless things get worse we'll just have to carry on." When he was finished he gazed at the floor, as if it suddenly became infinately more interesting then me.

"Then it's settled. We'll continue as normal." As he said those words I stood up and stormed off the tour bus.


I gazed up into the night sky, at all the stars that were just becoming visible from behind the clouds. I always went outside and watched the sky when I needed to think. That is, if I could find somewhere quiet enough. Just last night Mikey had told us that he was feeling stressed, that he felt like he couln't deal with this anymore, that he needed a break. Of course, we all told him that he could have one and he made arrangements to head back home. The problem was the tour. While I'd wanted to go back with him to take ccare of him, he'd been adamant that we don't stop for him.

Despite his words I asked the others to vote on it. They all agreed with Mikey.

I took another drag on my cigarette and blew the smoke out into the night air. I had every right to want to be with him. I was his brother and not just that, his lover too and I wanted to make sure he'd be ok. Of course, Frankie and the others wanted us to keep going for the fans so I was denied what I wanted.

"You know, you shouldn't run out on us like that." It was Bob's voice. Bob's voice that was soothing to me and that made my heart flutter just a little. He came over from the doorway and elaned up against the wall beside me, taking out his own cigarettes and lighter. "Frankie doesn't mean to seem like a such a bitch."

"Hmmm..." I blew out some more smoke, doubting his words but not his belief in them. "Sometimes I wonder."

He nodded wordlessly as he light up. "Frankie thinks that we should use the marriage thing as an excuse." Ah yes, the 'marriage'. It had been all Frankie's idea. Get Mikey married in Vegas so that the fans wouldn't question our closeness, plus it could be used as an excuse if ened be. I'd considered it to be ridiculous, but Mikey hadn't. So Mikey went through with it. Within a month rumors were on the internet, probably due to Frankie and on the day of the supposed ceremony it came out in an interview. It was on that day that Mikey assured me that this whole thing was just for the press, that there wasn't even going to be any papers, pictures or even a true ceremony. He also reminded me of the ring he'd given me, which had been our grandmother's, which he told me represented our love.

"What about tonight?" Beneath our feet, was a stadium full of people waiting to see us in just a few hours.

He pauses for a moment before he says anything, gazing at me when he does speak up. "He says to say nothing and that Matt'll replace him."

"The fans'll know it's not Mikey then it'll be on the internet in hours."

"He knows, that's why we'll do a damage control post on the site tomorrow."

"And he's maintaining the lie?" I asked, hoping that he'd say that Frankie had decided to tell the truth.

He simply nodded, blowing smoke out from between his lips. "He says it's best to, so the fans don't get worried." He paused for a moment, then added. "But I think they deserve the truth."

I smiled a little as I stubbed my cigarette on the wall beside me. I knew Bob would agree with me. Although most of the time he seemed to be off in a daze, hiding behind sunglasses, cuddling the toy zebra I'd got him for his birthday two years ago or kicking Ray's ass on Guitar Hero, he was smarter then he looked. Whenever he spoke it was always something meaningful, unless he was just disturbed from one of his dazes. "Bob, would you do something for me tonight?"

"Sure Gerard." He said in a way that meant he'd do anything I saidd, no matter how weird it would be. I took a deep breath before I told him what I needed.


The show was strange. Without Mikey it just didn't feel the same, it wasn't the same atmosphere. Even though I saw him from the side of the stage a few times during the performance I knew he wouldn't come on stage with us. In fact by the time of our song, Famous Last Words, he was gone and I knew he wasn't coming back. It made the whole thing harder to sing. I could tell the crowd had noticed the absence of my brother. It made me want to tell them all the truth, but I knew I couldn't. So I shut up and sang the whole set, making my usual speeches and nothing more.

I already missed him.


Once I was on the tour bus I felt even worse. Folded neatly on Mikey's bunk was his Black Parade uniform with a note beside it that simply said 'sorry Gerard'. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying and started to undress, pulling off the sweat drenched hoodie I'd worn for the last part of the set. At the rear of the bus Frankie was sitting at the computer, his fingers dancing over the keys as he stared intently at the screen. "They know."

I sighed softly, knowing he meant the fans had posted about the lack of Mikey tonight. Tossing the hoodie aside, I pulled at the base of my t-shirt, exposing my skin.. "They're fast."

He nodded in agreemment, though he didn't seem surprised. He wasn't paying too much attantion to me. "You'll have to write up the excuse."

I set the tee on the hoodie once I'd pulled it over my head and glared at him. "Fuck off. You do it."

"I'll sign your name then shall I?" He seemed unfazed by my words, but he'd probably anticipated my reaction. I didn't have to look at the screen to know that his fingers were already typing up the excuse. Knowing him he'd probably been wording it in his head all night.

"Fine. Now leave me alone short ass." I undid my pants, pushing my fly down before pushing them down to my feet. Stepping out of them, I climbed into my bunk, sighing to myself as tears slid out of my eyes. I wished he was here so badly even though he hadn't been gone a day. In fact he was still in town. Right now he was in the hotel, curled up in bed and half watching whatever crap was on tv. We'd decided to say goodbye yesterday night, because saying goodbye after the show would be too hard.

At least half hour passed before I heard anything other then the typing of keys. "It's done, it'll be posted tomorrow." Frankie's voice annoyed me now then ever, I wanted to reach through the small curtain and strangle him. "I'll be outside meeting fans."

Another half hour passed before I was disturbed from my thoughts of Mikey again, this time by the curtain being pulled aside and someone else sliding into the small space with me. The strong arms that slid around my chest confirmed what I already knew: it was Bob. "Thank you."

"It's ok." I could tell he was smiling even though I couldn't see it. He pressed his body against me, holding me tightly as he planted light kisses on my neck. I could feel his hardness through our boxers as his hands ran over my chest. I wasn't stupid, I'd known he'd wanted me for sometime now. I knew that half the time he spent dazing was spent thinking of me, thinking of this moment or variations of it.

I closed my eyes as his teeth nipped at the back of my neck and his fingers circled my nipples. I bit my lip to surpress a moan of pleasure and reached down to the waistband of my boxers. As his tongue lapped at the marks his teeth made, I pushed my boxers down, exposing my ass to him and freeing my hard cock. His right hand moved around me, reaching for my ass and rubbing my crack lightly. "You know, when you asked me to do something for you..." He kissed my earlobe and grazed his teeth lightly, causing me to purr low in my throat. "I half-expected you to tell me you wanted me to kill Frankie."

"The thought had crossed my mind." I purred softly as his middle finger slid along my crack, circling my ring slowly. I could feel as well as hear him chuckle at my words, before his lips returned to my neck. I wondered what it was about my neck that caused guys to give it so much attention. Every guy I'd been with had either licked at or nibbled it while we were in bed together.

"I prefer this though." He purred against my skin as his large finger slowly started working it's way inside me. "I've wanted this for far too long."

"I know." I gasped softly as the digit squirmed inside me, slowly opening up my hole for him. I'd known Bob had wanted me for a long time. After all I'd seen the way he looked at me when we were together, and how his deep blue eyes flashed with jealousy whenever I felt up Mikey onstage. More then once I'd thought about giving him what he wanted but I'd never acted upon it until now, apart from a few chaste kisses while he was drunk. After all, I had Mikey.

He slowly worked a second finger into my opening, causing me to groan and push back against them. "I'll be inside soon."

"Mmm... I know." I turned slightly to smile back at him, studying his naked body for a few moments. He was more muscular then Mikey was and he his belly was more round then my slender brother, though it was much smaller then it was when we first met. His body was undecorated from what I could see, though he had a silver ring through his right nipple. His chest was smooth and hairless apart from the trail that extended from his belly button to his groin. His aroused dick looked slightly bigger then average and he was definately thicker then what I was used to. The head was already shiny with precum, a testament to how much the sight of me naked was exciting him. "I want to suck you, right now."

His eyes went wide as if he'd never expected me to offer to wrap my lips around his cock, even though I'd freely asked him to fuck me. "R... really?"

I nodded slowly, then opened my mouth slightly and trailed my tongue over my lower lip. Slowly I turned on the bed, keeping my mouth slightly open as his large fingers slipped out of me, replacing them with two of my own. I moved between his legs, noting that his eyes were on my fingers squirming inside my hole even as I kissed his strong thighs. I smiled up at him then ducked my head down to kiss his shining head. I traced my tongue over the soft, sensitive skin before parting my lips and slowly started taking his shaft into my mouth. I felt his fingers tangle in my dark locks as I swallowed the the first few inches of his magnificant, throbbing cock. I closed my eyes as I suckled on his length, making sure to press my tongue against the underside to cover him in my saliva. I breathed in his scent as my lips slide up and down along his turgid shaft, keeping the pace fairly slow so he didn't shoot until he was fucking my tight ass. I purred softly as I circled my tongue around his head, causing him to grip onto my hair tighter. "Oh gods Gee... don't stop." I pulled off his length, making him whimper at the loss of my mouth, but I quickly made him forget about that by trailing my tongue over his cock, deciding to trace a path along one the veins until his hand pulled me back.

I'd been with enough guys to know what that meant. I moved back and lay on my belly, thrusting my fingers in and out of my ass a few more times, only pulling them out completely when I was satisfied I was ready for his glistening dick. "Fuck me. Fuck me now Bob, make me see stars."

I didn't have to tell him twice. His length was pressed against the cleft of my ass in a heartbeat and I turned my head just in time to see him thrust inside me. His hands gripped onto my hips as he filled my hole, soft moans of pleasure passing between his lips. "You feel so good Gerard, better then I ever imagined." His nails dug into my skin as he pulled out of my hole, only to ram back inside me seconds later. He was rougher then Mikey was and his arousal hit my spot so much easier then his did. By his fifth thrust inside me I was already mewling in pleasure, begging for him to go faster. I just heard him chuckle as he complied, one of his strong hands slipping under my body to stroke my belly down to my length. His fingers curled around my erection, jerking me in time with his thrusts inside me. His sweaty body now lay over mine as he resumed sucking and licking at my neck, his hips pounding against my ass every few seconds now. "I hope you'll let me d this again.." He growled in my ear, making my whole body shiver at the thought.

"Of course Bob. You feel so good inside me." Those few words seemed to be enough for him as the enxt thrust after I spoke, I felt his hot seed flood my hole. His fingers tightened around me as he came, which resulted in my own earth shauddering orgasm. As I had told him to, he made me see stars as my load covered the bedsheets.

After a few minutes he pulled out of me and curled up against me, our tired, sweaty bodies sticking together. He kissed my shoulder lightly, as one of his arms draped over my chest. "Thank you."

I nodded, kissing his forehead as he drifted off to sleep. I watched him, noting how he looked so peaceful as he slept, his face was practically angellic as he breathed softly. Tonight I thought it would be the hardest night for me to sleep, but with Bob's strong body beside me, I forgotten about all my worries and soon slipped into sleep too.
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