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All you ever wanted

Kerrang! Higher Voltage for anyone that wants it.

1: Lostprophets - Davidian
2: Aiden - Drain You
3: Fightstar - Breaking The Law
4: Bullet For My Valentine - Creeping Death
5: The Automatic - Epic
6: Funeral For A Friend - The Boys Are Back In Town
7: Madina Lake - Today
8: Sign - Youth Gone Wild
9: TheAudition - Living' On A Prayer
10: Soulfly - Beautiful People
11: The Blackout - My Generation
12: YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO - Feel Good Hit Of The Summer
13: Darkest Hour - Nazi Punks Fuck Off
14: Gallows - Nervous Breakdown
15: Bring Me The Horizon - Eyeless

And now for what I think about some of them. Not all, cause I haven't heard them all properly and for some I just don't care. Still, to me 8 tracks interested me and it was free so...

Note that for most of these I've not heard the originals at all.

1: Lostprophets
Ok, this was an interesting one. When they said last week we'd be surprised about it they were right. It's metally. Plus Ian's all growly and screamy and guh. It just proves Ian can scream, in your face Oli. I hope they do something like this on their next album, cause it'd be cool.

2: Aiden
I quite like this one, though I've not heard it enough yet.

3: Fightstar
Again, I haven't heard it enough but I do like it. After all, tis Fightstar.

4: Bullet For My Valentine
It has Jay screaming in so that's enough to make me love it.

5: The Automatic
I prefer this to the original actually. Does that make me odd? It does doesn't it? Pennie screaming is so distinctive.

6: Funeral For A Friend
This song has been covered so many times hasn't it? Therefore, I eh it.

7: Madina Lake
Amazing amazing AMAZING. Absolutely one of the best on this album. I love it, but I love everything they do so there's no way I couldn't have loved it. Instantly it sounds like them, before they even start singing. it's just... love.

11: The Blackout
You can tell it's a Limp Bizkit song, but they truly make it their own. Sean's voice is truly awesome.

15: Bring Me The Horizon
I prefer Slipknot's version, though they give it a good try methinks, despite everything.

I'm not alone for another week, yay!

Fic soon methinks. Like in a few hours.

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