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One tenth

Just when I thought Bob couldn't get any cuter...

Bob's so my favourite member now. Followed closely by Ray. Mr I-think-it's-a-good-idea-to-run-off-mid-world-tour Way is next, then Gerard though that too's close. Frankie's last.

Last night we watched Scream 3. I hadn't watched it in ages so couldn't rememeber it at all. Except that Princess Leia was in it. I've always loved Monica Gail cause she's such a bitch in it.

Final Fantasy III may be the most frustrating game ever cause you can't save before the bosses. Plus phoenix down (which revives you) is rare and you can't be revved when you're otherwise healed in general. The overworld part reminds me of the second Zelda game, while the fighting reminds me of a game for the Snes I played on the comp (which I can't remember now).

Now I'm gonna read the final part of Mikey's Untitled Sex Show cause OMG squeee < 3 and then finish fic that I was meant to all week. (Yes I'm hopeless).

Of course there's The Two Ronnies/The Simpsons/Friends distracting me slightly so...

Last chance for poll
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