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It's raining again. It seems like here=rain magnet.

Watched some films last night. Purifiers confused me a little and Texas Chain-Saw Massacre The Beginning had a pretty in it who died. Thankfully all the chicks did too so none lived.

Also I seem to get block or tiredness whenever I try and do anything. Today I shall do more.

From Pretty People Never Lie, the fic I hope to finish soonest. (Tis Gerard's POV).

"Mmm... I know." I turned slightly to smile back at him, studying his naked body for a few moments. He was more muscular then Mikey was and he his belly was more round then my slender brother, though it was much smaller then it was when we first met. His body was undecorated from what I could see, though he had a silver ring through his right nipple. His chest was smooth and hairless apart from the trail that extended from his belly button to his groin. His aroused dick looked slightly bigger then average and he was definately thicker then what I was used to. The head was already shiny with precum, a testament to how much the sight of me naked was exciting him. "I want to suck you, right now."

His eyes went wide as if he'd never expected me to offer to wrap my lips around his cock, even though I'd freely asked him to fuck me. "R... really?"

Today I started Final Fantasy III. After being stupid and dying a few times I finally got past the starting cave (STFU:[) and now have gotten quite far. I called the main people Mikey, Bob, Gerard and Spence. Spence is the girl. Mikey's a red mage with the cute pointy hat. Bob's a white one, Spence is a black one and Gerard's a warrior. The Princess Sara chick looks like Zelda only with a blue-hued outfit.

We're watching Hostel now. Yay!

Now, onward to pics of moi, unicorns and random Star Wars stuff.

First, my unicorn buddies

Gerard, Ray, Spencer, Floofeh/Jay

Bob and Paul


With Tommy

Cutest pic ever!

Thee pocketmodels

Bert poster

Perdy Madina poster

Madina/Taste Of Chaos ticket< 33

Teh new pod

Harvest Moon/Final Fantasy III FTW

Creamy Patrick


Zelda cards. Link=< 33

The new Star Wars setup

The newness


Jawa plus droids

Clone Pilot

Battle droids< 3

Betrayal On Felucia

Perdy box

Ambush On Ilum

Teh box

My better half

Me looking thick

I'm neither high nor drunk:[

End pics.

Gacked from vampyreranger

Give me a pairing or a character + situation and a snatch of lyrics or a whole song, and I'll write you a micro-fic. A few sentences of something or other.
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