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This is not a cult... oh wait

Ok, before I start the post proper there's 2 fics I wanna rec. The first is the next part of Mikey's Untitled Sex Show cause it's just awsome and made of win. The t'other is The One Where Patrick Gets Treated Like A Fucking Gem cause.. .well it's awesome and Patrick/Ray=uber love.

Today's been both productive and not.Perhaps one of the best things is that, despite wind, rain and multiple bus trips, my headache stayed gone. That is most good.

Today's been a long day. First, we went to Walsall. Thankfully my money was in so I was covered for the day. First think I got was more Star Wars Pocket Models from the sci-fi shop, plus some card holders.

Then we went to Birmingham. Birmingham was horrible causa the rain. Not just normal rain either, insanely heavy rain. We went to Forbidden Planet first. Got a PocketModel set (a special one) and Twilight Princess cards. I'd no idea there was Twilight Princess cards and now I want more already. After that we got my Taste Of Chaos ticket. Woo! I'm now offically seeing The Used (and Escape The Fate etc, but The Used is the main reason for going).

We walked to Merry Hill's bus stop, which is annoying as it's far from the main city centre and we got lost. Lost in the rain. So the rain hit my glasses and I couldn't see.

On the bus, we talked about how old ladies all look alike. With the white, curly hair, big glasses and similar dress sense. It's only a matter of time before the Daily Mail do an article about them blaming them for everything (ala the emo's).

Once there we had a Mcdonalds. Apparently a guy was checking me out but I don't buy it. The Merry Hill Toys R Us isn't as good as we expected. However I got the Betrayal On Felucia battlepack that I wanted, which was due to it's exclusiveness (not Aayla Secura and her blue breasts of doom).

Babu got Hostel (the new extended one that we knew nothing about) and The Purifiers. Then we wandered around Merry Hill for a bit. Babu got the Scream Boxset, a special Spiderman 2 thing and two Mega Drive games (and I got a crappy tetris liek on cause they didn't have the one I wanted) and then we walked till we were tired and went through Wolverhampton to Walsall.

While we waited for the bus we went to Blockbuster, where I got Snakes On A Plane and she got two other dvds.

We're now home, so I'm gonna go get some Pepsi, then make up the models, set up the fig's and then write/Neopets/watch something.

Tomorrow we're taking the pet's to a new vet. Joy. Stupid mum. Then I'll just take a loada random pics like I've been meaning to all week. With all the new Star Wars it makes me wanna now.

Does anyone outside the UK want that Kerrang! cd uploading?

The meme thing from the last post's still on.
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