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And we'll tell you which one's on crack

Some people are just asses.

Last night was another good sleep, which is good. Not speaking to mum much seems key to this thing going away.

I had a weird dream though. Simon (Amstell) was interviewing Panic! around about GIAN. Brendon had a top hat and cane, while I can't rememebr much about Ryan or Spence (though he did make out with one of them). Brent was still there and while they walked along a street Simon guestured to Brent and said he was on crack.

Cue Brent grinning maddly, going 'weee!' and spinning around.

Memy thingy that I yoinked. Rememebr there'll be no reply to it for 7ish hours while I'm out.

Ask me about my fic--something I wrote, character, plotline, even areally short commentary--and I'll give you an explanation, snippet, orsomething. Kind of like a dvd commentary, but shorter and faster.
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