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Angel Opening A Door

My head's been fairly clear all day, so I've been on Hotel Dusk to finish it, which I just did. It was interesting, and not just cause three of the guys were hot. There's Jeff, which is thee icon for this post, who is very pretty and it seems ends up in prison (insert the obvious here). There's Louis, who's very Ray like and always puts his hands in his hair. Finally there's Kyle who's the main guy in it and he's sorta... rugged really. He's attractive enough, though not as much as the other two.

If I hadn't been finishing that I probably woulda wrote something, which I know I keep saying but still...

I think I'll have someting by tonight, cause I did a bit the other day before my head went shit.

I've still gotta make a doctor's appointment on Friday. I meant to make it today but.. .well I couldn't remember the number and got distracted.

Least we have Pepsi.

Tomorrow's a very busy day. I'm gonna get the Taste of Chaos ticket and then go to Merry Hill for Toys R Us. It means 3 buses each way, but it'll be worth it. Well, I hope so anyway.

Anyone seen Enter Shikari live? Are they any good?

I think LJ's screwing with the comments again.
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