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Can't wait for tomorrow

I wake up today happy that last night was the best sleep I've had in a week and even more happy that my head's clear. Even now it's just an ignorable throb.

I've got the Kerrang cd on the computer so today's gonna be spent listening to it. Cept the Gallows cause I can't stand them. Angry!Ian is strange.

It amuses me how there's a proper poster of Matt in AVA when he's in it for five minutes but there was never one for him in 30 Seconds.

There's something indescribably sexy about Patrick with ice cream. Both him selling it and him with it spread over his face. Although the latter might not be ice cream.

Next week is about following MCR for 10 days. Let's hope for loadsa Bob/Ray pics.

The rest of today's gonna be spent with that cd on and waiting for that Brothers And Sisters that starts on 4 later.
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